10 Retirement Lifestyles Worth Trying

Retirement might include a relaxing beach vacation or an exciting second career.

Retirees finally have the freedom to choose how to spend their time. While some people want to relax after a lengthy and stressful career, others are ready to move on to the next adventure. Many people will cycle through periods of leisure and creation at various points in their retirement. Consider trying these retirement lifestyles.


Think about the best beach vacation you ever had, and see if you can picture yourself living there. You could wake up every morning with a swim and watch the sunset by the water each evening. Your grandchildren will be excited to visit, and you can watch them frolic in the sand.

Golf course

Many people dream of spending their retirement years lining up the perfect putt while enjoying the grass and sunshine. Golf generally helps you get plenty of exercise and fresh air and provides opportunities to meet other golfers and make new friends.

Back to school

Living in a college town gives you access to sporting events, libraries, speakers and concerts. Best of all, retirees above a certain age can often take college classes for free or at significantly discounted prices thanks to senior citizen tuition wavier and auditing programs. Heading back to school in retirement is so popular that a growing number of colleges are building retirement communities on or near campus.

Stay at home

Throw away your alarm clock and get up when you feel like it. You don’t need to rush, because there’s no need to be anywhere or accomplish your errands by a certain time. Experience what the days feel like when you don’t have to hurry.


Retiree volunteers provide many valuable services ranging from museum docents to hospital volunteers. The best volunteer jobs provide a sense of helping others as well as opportunities to get out of the house and socialize.

Second career

Many people choose to work during the traditional retirement years, often because they need the money, enjoy the job or both. Some retirees shift into part-time jobs or seasonal or consulting work to have more flexibility or leisure time, and sometimes they switch into new fields.


Older workers who are laid off or tired of working for someone else are increasingly putting their skills to use in new ways by becoming entrepreneurs. The Small Business Administration says over five million people age 55 and older have their own business or are self-employed, and the proportion of self-employed people between ages 55 and 64 is growing rapidly.

Penny pincher

Being a frugal shopper often takes time. Retirees can use their newfound free time to comparison shop, bargain hunt and negotiate for better rates on their purchases. There may also be some services you paid for while working that you can now do yourself to save money. Don’t forget to ask for senior discounts, which aren’t always publicized but are sometimes available to those who ask.


Many people deferred dreams of becoming a writer, artist or musician while they supported a family. Retirement can be a time to rediscover old passions or learn new ones. Consider signing up for music lessons or an art class or making the time to put your thoughts down on paper for your grandchildren.


Gardening is a common retirement activity that allows you to grow beautiful flowers or delicious things to eat. Maintaining a garden can help you get exercise, beautify your home and provide fresh and low-cost produce.

Source: USN


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