10-year-old girl charged with murder after she stomped on the head of a 6-month-old baby (video)

A 10-year-old girl has been arrested and taken into custody over the murder of a six-month-old baby boy.The girl is alleged to have stamped on the boy’s head at a Wisconsin daycare centre. Police said that they received a call on October 30 from a caretaker saying that they had found the boy bleeding from the head and unresponsive at a foster care, which doubles as a daycare in Wheaton, Wisconsin. He was taken to hospital in St Paul Minnesota where he was later pronounced dead.Police said four children and an adult were questioned and they all pointed the finger at the 10-year-old girl. She was arrested an later admitted that she hurt the baby.  Explaining what happened, the girl said that she dropped the baby and he hit his head on a footstool and started crying so she panicked and started stamping on his head, Chippewa County Sherif Jim Kowalczyk said.At the time of the boy’s death, the girl had been staying with the family who operate the daycare centre in the town of Wheaton.  She has now been placed in foster care.The girl has been charged with first degree intentional homicide.  She appeared in court wearing handcuffs and a black hoodie.Cash bond was set at $50,000 (£38,000) at a court hearing yesterday.Video below.  The post 10-year-old girl charged with murder after she stomped on the head of a 6-month-old baby (video) appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. She just a kid

    1. You wouldn’t say that if the 6month old baby was your son!

  2. that kid is wicked

    1. That is it!

  3. Oops. This ridiculous like is it intentionally or quite a mistake

    1. Dropping the child off the stool might be a mistake. But stamping on his head??? That’s an intentional act. Besides, a 10year old is not such a kid!

  4. Please have mercy on her

  5. This is sad,what led her into it

  6. She has to face the full force of the law! Someone’s baby, stamped to death by a kid??? Preposterous!

  7. Hmmm sorry for her,

  8. It’s really hard to say if it’s intentional or by a mistake. Above all she is just a kid but the law shouldn’t be ignored too . I hope she gets amnesty somehow

  9. I don’t think she did it intensional

  10. Have mercy on her

  11. Dey should pls pardon her, she is still a kid

  12. I think she was possessed

  13. That’s so sad for a child to do such a wicked act

  14. Little girl doing such thing,that’s really bad.

  15. Thats wicked Heart

  16. Wickedness in the blood of a child already

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