100 Level Student Buys A Benz, iPhone X Max For His SS3 Girlfriend

A 100 Level student, Zubairu, buys his SS3 student girlfriend, Nihat, a Benz, iPhone X max and an iWatch for 16th birthday, yesterday, in Abuja.

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  1. How will a 100 level student have such money

  2. Where did he get that kind money from

  3. I wonder where he sees the money

  4. Wow that’s wonderful

  5. Waoh congrats,,,, nd happy Birthday gal… Dis your boyfriend truly loves you

  6. Oh my God,this is gonna have consequences

  7. Hmm, should I call it love?

  8. Were is the money coming from this is what I call money miss road

  9. Maybe the is into fraud or he is one of those senators child

  10. Lol im buying the girl the car it’s so strange being 100 level student schalke girl

  11. Police needs to arrest his parents. For someone in 100 level to have such money to buy such things for ss3 girl needs investigation in his whole family.

  12. He should be investigated

  13. His father must be a millionaire

  14. Young man how did you get the money? Why are we not taking this question seriously

  15. Is that money really genuine…even if his parents are rich…he must be stupid to spend the money he did not work for on such nonsense…can you imagine all those gifts for just birthday…you no know road to orphanage abi…

  16. Congrats to her

  17. congrats to the girl…. it’s money that is talking

  18. Hmm he loves her

  19. Lucky the girl but is she not too young for this

  20. This is nice but where is the money from

  21. Is this too much money from Yahoo or advertising instablog9ja

  22. Yahoo boy spotted…don’t even tell me otherwise

  23. Where are the parents of that young man? Yahoo is smelling o.

  24. This is seriously amazing

  25. Well, congrats if genuine

  26. Where did he get the money from?

  27. Efcc should go after the boy and parents immediately

  28. Omo money Dey abeg . 100 l student bought a Benz to his babe in ss3 .. hmmm I am speechless

  29. Congratulations

  30. This is getting extravagant, he should be ask the source of this.

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