100 Moms – Worry

Angela, “Worrying gets you nowhere, and it gives you wrinkles!”  Tip #9

I completely agree with Ange’s tip #9 but have not yet mastered it, although I’m much better. Moms are great for worry, even though it is detrimental to our health and happiness, and robs us of our present.

Speaking from experience, worry does nothing to prevent or prepare you for tragedy.  It is a meaningless activity, perpetuating negativity.

I was very skilled in the worry department prior to Michael’s injury.  My therapist said I had “catastrophic thinking.”  I feared the worse, and then took it up a notch.  

I’ve heard it said, 85 percent of what you worry about will never happen.  It is the things you’ve never considered that will knock you on your ass.’ I’ve found that to be true. Turned out my worries were petty.  What lay ahead did knocked us on our asses.

In all my worry and “catastrophic thinking,” I never considered the possibility of a spinal cord injury.  Had I have spent time dwelling on that concern, I still would have been no better prepared.

Surprisingly, I worry less now.  I can hypothesize, since I’ve witness the strength in my family, and the fortitude possessed by Michael, I believe there is nothing we can’t handle.  Maybe I was so worried because I wasn’t aware of our capacity, of my capacity, of Michael’s.

Now, I’ve seen my family in action.  I know what we’re made of.  I worry less, and believe in us more!  We can handle anything! Should there be something we are unable to handle, worry will not help us.  What will help us is focusing on the now, believing in our ability, and staying strong, together, and positive.  Building on that is the best preparation for all the worrisome stuff.

Angela really does practice what she preaches.  She doesn’t have a wrinkle yet!


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