2019: We must resist politicians using religion to divide Nigeria - Pastor Evans Idoko

2019: We must resist politicians using religion to divide Nigeria -Pastor Evans Idoko
The Senior Pastor, Father’s Touch Ministry Church, Nyanya, Abuja, Pastor Evans Idoko has said Nigerians should resist politicians who are using religion and ethnicity to divide, threaten peace and unity ahead of the 2019 election. He also said it was regrettable that the unity of Nigerian is only strengthened during sporting activities. “It is an indication that politicians have taken pleasure in using religion to divide Nigerians against themselves for political or selfish reasons. It must stop forthwith! Nigerians must resist it because it will take us nowhere,” he said. Idoko said “as 2019 political activities gather momentum, we appeal to politicians seeking elective offices to eschew hatred and bitterness, and promote courses that will promote peace and unity among Nigerians’’. He said such divisions have been responsible for the obvious hatred among Nigerians, which, he said, has slowed down socio-economic and political development in the country.  Idoko advised that the church should take the front row in moblising Nigerians to participate in the forthcoming 2019 general elections. “It doesn’t come by words alone. We have to take a step further to empower people educationally, financially and otherwise so they could have voice and knowledge to take their rightful place in Nigerian political and economic discussions,” he said.The post 2019: We must resist politicians using religion to divide Nigeria -Pastor Evans Idoko appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. Yer it’s true

  2. This is true

  3. interesting

  4. How can you resist dividing Nigeria by politicians when pastors are all about politics this days

  5. Intetesting

  6. Interesting

  7. It is hight time it is been put in place

  8. Yes,we must do that

  9. sure they must resist them

  10. We Don read this one

  11. Hmmmmmmm, true talk, to avoid religious clash

  12. Politics is a very complicated issue

  13. They should for sure not use it to confuse us

  14. Yes oo. This is a welcome statement.

  15. Those guys at the top seem irresistible.

  16. yes it must stop

  17. We are all Nigeria no matter our religion

  18. True talk man..we should walk as kne

  19. I think you are right

  20. Yes you right we must resist them

  21. Don’t mind them

  22. no be today. they’ve been dividing us since day one. we just need the grace of God to see us through this year

  23. Fake pastors will never agree

  24. You are a fake Pastor

  25. Laughing my ass out

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