22-year-old Kenyan mother strangles her baby, disposes body at dumpsite

22-year-old Kenyan mother strangles her baby, disposes body at dumpsite
A 22-year-old woman has been arrested in Kenya after she strangled her one-year-old son and disposed of his body at a dumpsite. According to The Directorate of Criminal Investigations, DCI Kenya, Mercy Chepngeno was arrested on Saturday, in Kuresoi by Homicide Detectives.  She confessed to strangling the child and dumping the body at the Kenya Meteorological Department Staff Quarters’ dumpsite where she had worked as a house help for a few days.  The suspect will be arraigned in court after necessary police action and be charged with infanticide contrary to section 210 of the Penal Code.The post 22-year-old Kenyan mother strangles her baby, disposes body at dumpsite appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. Evil Woman indeed

  2. Heartless mother

  3. Are you all that heartless, may God forgives you

  4. that’s ruthless,does she mean she never felt the pain of child birth

  5. I don’t think is clear eyes that she take do it. this is bad

  6. What a heartless and cruel mother

  7. Foolish woman why did you have the baby if you know that you will kill him after bringing him into the world?

  8. Is this a spiritual attack or what? Why did she give birth to the baby when she doesn’t need one

  9. What could make a mother do this!

  10. Wickedness and evil

  11. That might no be true

  12. Some people are just too desperate some that can do this to her own baby what else can’t she do

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  14. Wickedness at it’s peak

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  18. she is not a human being at all

  19. so heartless. may god have mercy on her

  20. Look at her face. Wicked mother.

  21. Some women are not deserved to be mothers

  22. Wicked woman. I don’t know Why some people are heartless

  23. The world is full of evil.

  24. That’s cruel

  25. What is this life turning into why will she do that

  26. She don’t know whether the child will be the next president

  27. Thanks for the update

    1. nigeria is going somewhere else……God have mercy on us

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    this life

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  32. See her killer eyes!

  33. i hope she gets shot. how can a mother be so cold-hearted? Why waste the life of an innocent baby?

  34. Women are becoming more wicked this days

  35. very wicked of her

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