4-Year-Old Girl Defiled By 8-Year-Old Female Neighbour

A lady has taken to twitter to narrate a case of a 4-year-old girl that was being defiled by her 8-year-old female neighbour.

The little girl while being questioned also revealed that another boy in her school who is of the same age also tries to touch her genitals.

Her mother got to know about the defilement when the girl complained of pains in her private part.  Upon medical examination, it was revealed that her hymen had been broken.

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Everyday we talk about human rights, women rights, and child rights. All these are to protect the victim. How appalling to know that the same child offenses we fight against could be committed by a child to another child

A little girl of 4yrs old was brought to my mom’s pharmacy today by her mother saying that her little girl keeps complaining of pain in her genital whenever she’s being bathed.

When asked what happened to her, she said that another girl that lives in the same compound as she, has been tampering with her v***na (keep in mind the girl that did this to her is about 8yrs old)

This other little girl has been doing this to her whenever she noticed her parents were away, but the previous day, she had forced her fingers into her private part and after medical examination, it was discovered that her hymen had been broken (at only 4)

Her mother kept pressing to find out more and she confessed to another 4yr old boy in her class who’s also been trying to finger her. She’s been given medical attention and her mother is going to get the 8yr old girl who started all this and also visit the school to find The little boy.

Now my question is, in a case where these rights we’re fighting for to keep adult predators away from children now turns out to be a child predator(for lack of a better word) on another naive little girl who then is to blame?

Is it the 8yr olds family system or the school system or the society? Because we all know children learn faster from what they see.Or is it the 4yr old victim whose parents go away to find daily bread and think she’s in the company of other kids or at school to learn and is safe?