5 Mistakes You’re Probably Making When Doing Squats

squats mistakes

Squats are great for the body and they offer a lot of benefits. They keep your butt in shape and also tone your hips. However, if you’re doing them wrong, not only will you not get all the benefits, you may also be hurting yourself.

To keep that from happening, here are five common mistakes many people make and how you can do things right:

1. Not bending low enough

If you’re not bending low enough, your legs and glutes will not get the required stretch. Yes, bending just enough might be easy, but remember that taking the easy way out will never get you the results you desire. Aim to keep your thigh parallel to the floor so that all your muscles are working.

2. Pushing your knees forward

When your knees get pushed too much to the front during squats, you could be harming your joints. Don’t allow your knees to go beyond where your toes end. This helps make sure you’re sitting back enough.

squats mistakes

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3. Bending your spine

Another mistake to avoid is leaning forward as you bend. When your back is rounded like this, it defeats the purpose. You should keep your back straight. To ensure you’re doing just that, puff out your chest and keep your shoulders in a straight line. This will help to improve your form.

4. Ignoring your abs

You’re probably doing squats to tone your legs and glutes but your core should get a workout as well. Make sure you tighten your stomach muscles as you go down. Not only will this work the area, but it will also help you burn more calories.

5. Staying within your comfort zome

One of the benefits of regular exercise is to push past your limits and get stronger. When you feel like you’ve mastered the regular squats, take the next step. It’s always important to grow and challenge yourself in all areas of life, and that includes your workouts.

squats mistakes

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Which of these mistakes are you guilty of? Share with us in the comments section. And for more, check out these other exercises you may be doing wrong.

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