5 Ways You Can Raise Generous Children

Being generous helps keep smile in the face of people. Generosity is a necessary quality that should be cultivated by everyone. Children should be taught the act from a very tender age. However, there is never an age too late to begin to learn the act of generosity.  And you know what? There are  actually tactics that can help to raise generous children.

Parents talk all the time about their desire to instill a sense of altruism and compassion in their children, and a parent that I am, the same desire burns.

Here are tips you should consider to help you raise kind and generous children:


1. Model Generosity

By being practical about kindness and generosity, in the presence of your kid, you can help instill the act quickly in them. But ensure not to fake it.

You may take a meal to a sick neighbor, stop by in the streets to be kind to people in need or even volunteer at the school fair!

Dads and moms can improvise ways to act it out in the presence of your children. Just ensure to set the example.


2. Sponsor A Child

If you can, you may consider sponsoring the education of a child in poor areas and then keep the photo on the refrigerator. Involve your child in the relationship by reading and writing letters together. Learning about what life is like for children in developing countries helps put things in perspective.


3. Praise Acts Of Generosity

If you notice any nice gesture, like sharing a toy, giving a compliment and any form of generosity in your child or children, praise them instantly for the behavior. When you recognize something positive in them, you will make them more likely to continue doing it.


4. Pick A Charity

If all members of a family agrees to support, kids’ participation can make them get into the act of giving. Supporting a specific charity cause can also make kids feel proud especially if it is timed around a holiday or birthday.


5. Find Ways To Encourage empathy

Children are naturally egotistical, but Parents can help them in cultivating the right empathy towards others. Parents can achieve this by helping children imagine how others feel. You may ask questions like; how do you think your brother felt when you took his toy? You may also want to consider seeking out occasions for empathy, occasions like participating in a food or clothing drive. Choosing stuffs that are special and to be giving to someone of their own age will help make your kids feel more connected.


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