7 Things Happy Couples Never Do

happy couples

Having a successful relationship requires you to make certain efforts and decisions. To be truly happy with your partner, you should both be willing to avoid things that can be unhealthy.

How can you tell if you and your partner are doing great? If like most happy couples, you avoid these dangerous things, you’re probably winning.

1. No comparison

Happy couples do not compare their relationship with any other. They understand that as long as they are satisfied with what goes on between them as a couple, they have no reason to worry about what others are doing.

happy couples

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2. They don’t whine to others

Many couples sabotage themselves by always complaining to a third party about their partner. If you have problems with your man, talk to him about it. Figure it out together.

3. They fight fair

Yes, happy couples fight, but they do so effectively. They don’t hurl insults or become destructive. They also know how to make up by ensuring they settle each fight as they come.

4. They have fun

To have a successful relationship, it’s important to laugh together. Don’t be so burdened by life’s challenges that you forget to have fun.

5. They don’t nitpick

When you frequently take the time to point out the things that are wrong with your partner, it can lead to tension in the relationship.

happy couples

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6. They don’t ignore the important stuff

There are some conversations that happy couples know they need to have even though they are uncomfortable. For example, you and your partner should talk about money, future plans, and goals, etc.

7. They know the value of having time apart

A couple must have their own respective lives outside of the relationship. It could be friends, your career or business. Having these things just for yourself can keep you sane.

For more, check out these four phrases happy couples use regularly to keep the spark alive.

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