8 Facts About Phyno That Is Hiding From You

You might know him as Phyno,but the truth is that most Phyno fans don’t even know some basic facts about one of Nigeria’s best rapper that has been a force to reckon with in HipHop and Rap music in Nigeria.

Phyno’s songs are banging in Nigeria and out of the shores of this country.
This man has paid his dues,he is also one of Nigeria’s best rapper,when you mention the top five Nigerian rappers,Phyno will be in the list

Listed below are 8 facts you don’t know about Phyno Fino.


1. His Stage Name?


Apparently there is no way any African parent will name their male child Phyno,mixed with the fact that they are from the eastern part of Nigeria.

Phyno’s real name is Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike,He got his stage name Phyno from the word ‘Phenomenal’.

Phenomenal was a nick name given to him by one of his Secondary School buddy named Emeka.

Phyno developed an interest for music production during his secondary school days. He initially wanted to become a pilot, but was told that he could be a doctor.Throughout high school, he learned to play drums and piano.


2. Rapper By Passion

Growing up in a typical Nigerian family,Phyno wanted to pursue a different career, initially he wanted to be a Pilot,when he was later asked in an interview what he would have pursued as a career if he wasn’t a rapper?

He response was ‘ I would have probably owned a shop’,I wonder what kind of items Phyno will be selling in his shop o!


3.Rap Game


The fact still remains that Phyno’s rap game is top notch,he made rapping in the ibo dialect look cool,there were other veteran igbo rappers before he was discovered but non of them really took igbo rap music to the next level, Ezege did that!


4. Baby Mama/ Pregnancy Rumors

Three years ago there were rumors that Phyno has a baby mama named Rita Edmond.

Phyno in an interview with The Punch Nigeria newspaper denied the allegation.


5. Education

When it comes to entertainment, most popular entertainers don’t really have time for education or weren’t rich enough to afford an education before the fame.

Phyno studied public administration at the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) in Enugu State.


6. Age


I guess most of y’al don’t know how old Phyno is.
He was born october 9 1986.

7. Awards,Albums and Nominations

Phyno has released three albums namely

No Guts No Glory – Released – 2014
2 Kings with Olamide- Released- 2015
The Playmaker Released – 2016

Phyno has been nominated 28 times and has won five times. Some of The 5 Awards He Won out of 28 Nominations include

City People Entertainment Awards- 2014
Rap Artiste of the Year.

Nigerian Entertainment Awards – 2013
“Ghost Mode” Ft Olamide Best Collabo

-The Headies

Best Rap Single Parcel – 2014


8. State of Origin

Many people Think that Phyno is from Enugu state all because he lived and grew up in Enugu State the coal city aka 042.

The truth is that Phyno is actually from Awka in Anambra state.
He is the fourth child out of 5 children.

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