9 steps to help you start a tour business

If you have been wondering how to get into the tour business, today, you’ll finally get answers.

Although there are no rule books to a tour business’ success, these guidelines, accompanied by hard work and dedication, can help you launch a profitable venture.


Know your passion

In any type of business, it is important to, first of all, identify the passion or driving force.

Properly clarifying within yourself that the tour business is a dream you’d like to explore is the first step in getting into it.


Evaluate the city

This is the next step after realising your passion or interest in the business. By evaluating the city to run the business, you will have a knowledge of the tourist attractions therein.

The data gotten from researching a city will help in properly documenting the target markets of a tourist business in the area.


Find your niche

After thoroughly evaluating the business location and target market, the decision to choose a niche becomes easier.

Whether it’s mass market tour operation, specialist or wholesale tour, the decision to choose a specialty will become easier.


Research your competition

There has never been a successful war without proper strategising. To run a successful tour business, it is important to research your competitors: other tour agencies, their style, techniques, and patterns.



After researching your competitors and deciding on your niche, the next step is branding. Unfortunately, business owners tend to think branding is just about the logo.

The reality is that branding involves the entirety of how a business is perceived; from the tiniest of details like colour choices, and tone, to the more prominent details like mission statements.


Register your business and meet legal requirements

When you have given your business a face, the next step is registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

After completing the registration process, it is important to set up a business bank account which will consequently be handled by a dedicated account officer.

In legalising your business properly, you may also want to consider purchasing a liability insurance covering your company or business from trade-related risks.


Build online presence

In 2018, businesses need online representation because modern consumers are online at least 15 hours daily.

This means your new business will need a website and social media pages. Online presence makes it possible to have a space for users, customers, clients, potential clients and curious internet users.


Build relationships

After going through the initial steps of kick-starting your tour business, it is time to build relationships with both existing and potential clients.

Getting new clients is most likely going to be through recommendation or networking. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by attending events related to tourism.


Promote some more

After promoting your business online, it is also necessary to spread the word offline. Begin by spreading the word about your business to family and friends and even people you meet.

If you have done all of this, congratulations! Your tour business is ready to roll.

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