A Book Is Meant To Be Judged By Its Cover

Written by Alden Tan

That’s why we have covers in the first place.

Companies invest in the way a book looks, from its colors, the strategically placed testimonials to the popular themes of during the day of its release.

That is why the outward appearance of people matter, from the way they look, their mannerisms to the things they say.

That is why we judge people: To protect ourselves and with that, some of us do it in a way that comes off really ill-willed.

Nonetheless, we judge because it’s a tool to get the most of our own relationships.

To abide by the extreme measure that is never to judge anyone no matter what is too dangerous. That would be like trying to find a good book when they all look the same, dusty, torn and infested with bugs.

If someone displays characteristics of the toxic people you’ve been with, walk away.

If someone reminds you of your past relationships which didn’t work out, then don’t jump into anything just yet.

If someone acts and behaves overwhelmingly bad, there is simply no reason for you to put up with that. Period.

So judge all you like. Be smart about it and ultimately, trust your own gut.

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  1. Don’t ever judge a book with it covers

  2. I dont agree with it. U cant judge or u will make a mistake

  3. I don’t belong to that school of thought anyway

  4. This is contrary to what I know before oh

  5. I don’t really agree on that… It is better to take time and go deep before conclusion

  6. That is not true,what did you have to say about the Bible

  7. Hmmmnn.this is not what i do hear ppl say..this must be 21st century believe.

  8. Hmm it’s true

  9. Very wrong

  10. Ot used to be, but then

  11. Well I totally disagree with you on that

  12. Yeah I agree to that

  13. Books are not supposed to be judge by its cover.

  14. You have a point. The out look of everything matters.

  15. Don’t ever try to judge a book with it covers

  16. Judging a book by it cover is not advisable

  17. Never judge a book by its cover…its pages are always different

  18. i dnt think so

  19. I guess ti the writer of that article . He is just concerned about beautification if a book and not the content

  20. There’s an element of Truth in this

  21. As d Yoruba adage says do nt judge a book by its cover

  22. But that is not the case

  23. A book is not judged by it’s cover

  24. Don’t judge book by it cover
    I agree

  25. I don’t agree

  26. I strongly stand on that saying that *WE SHOULDN’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER* because some people will appear like saints while they are demons in disguise.

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