Actress Patience Ozokwor “Mama G” Turns Evangelist, Preaches Repentance

Patience Ozokwor, in a recent interview, preached about repentance and what it means to be truly repentant.

The actress, who became an evangelist in recent years, said during the interview:
If you have repented and you have not changed your wardrobe, you still have a long way to go.

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  1. Thank God for her as she turn evangelist

  2. Thats a good one kudos

  3. Thank God for her life

  4. Wow she’s actually right, total repentance includes all that concerns a person

  5. Thank God for u

  6. Thank God for her life

  7. I thank God for her life, there is no one God can not use…

  8. This is great,God can use anybody as a vessel of honor.

  9. I believe in what the woman says, if you are repent you need to change your wardrobe. Which means your heart and your behaviors

  10. I strongly agree with you, if you truly know you have repent then your wardrobe too must repent

  11. I believe her, she is right

  12. She said she was called by God

  13. Nice one by mama G

  14. Thank God for your life

  15. Glory be to God

  16. Hmm repentance is not about covering your ear, it’s in your actions

  17. Repentance isn’t entirely about cloth, just be decent.the most important thing is your heart. How pure is your heart?

  18. Wow… Finally, she is getting old and it’s time to draw closer to God. It’s a choice ma. Yes,if you have really repented, your wardrobe should be changed. Learn to dress decent and moderate… Do things worthy of responsible.

  19. Thanks God for her life,just make things right this time and limit the role of a witch in any movies

  20. She made the right decision by accepting Christ into her life and everything is going pefectly and smoothly for her just as we should also do so because the kingdom of God is at hand.Accolades to your good works Mama

  21. Correct mama G. preach on ma

  22. Well, I agree were everyone needs to repent but also in dressing, dress decently

  23. Mama G you are right because the world is turning something else we must repent

  24. I will love to listen to your preaching myself…. God is really wonderful in your life

  25. Thank God for your life, May you bear more fruits to his kingdom

  26. I see her as one.
    her role always tell people d end of doing evil is destruction

  27. Wow, go on… I pray for grace upon you

  28. Is not about the dress rather behavior

  29. Repentance touches ur personality, ur dressing life style and decency.

  30. there is nothing God can not do

  31. No be today na, e don tey

  32. she is really right, thank God ooo

  33. this is a good information

  34. Nice one here from Patience Ozokwor, I really thank God for making you an instrument of God’s words

  35. Haha, no wonder daddy freeze is attaching her.

  36. What have dressing code gat to do with dressing georgosly,
    Some people should really mind the things they say.

  37. Continue to fight the good fight of faith ma’am

  38. Good one God will give you more wisdom

  39. Good one dear

  40. Goodluck to her . That’s her choice , you can’t question her

  41. It is good as she has turned evangelist

  42. This is how God his things

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