APC Plans To Rig Out Atiku In 2019 Election With Voting Machine — Ben Bruce (Video)

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has exposed an electronic voting machine which he alleges the ruling APC plans to use to rig out Atiku in 2019 presidential election.

The outspoken senator representing Bayelsa East, Senator Ben Murray-Bruce, has taken to his Twitter page to claim that the All Progressives Congress (APC) plans to rig the 2019 presidential election against the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), candidate, Atiku Abuakar using an electronic voting machine.

In a tweet posted on social media on Thursday, the lawmaker who shared a video of the machine allegedly being test-run in Kaduna state, said the machine can allow for multiple voting with just an Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC’s password.

In the video, a man is seen using just one key-card to unlock the machine while several others queued to vote. With the key card, it is believed that multiple voting can be done.
The common sense senator however called on the authorities to investigate the planned use of the machine for elections in 2019.

He wrote, “Information reaching us is that this device, which was first used in Kaduna, may be used in rigging the 2019 election against @atiku. It is alleged that with this machine, you can vote multiple times with an @inecnigeria password. I call on the authorities to investigate this.”

Watch The Video HERE

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  1. That is not possible he is indirectly telling us what is likely to happen

  2. God will save us

  3. The world I s watching so let see how the election goes

  4. They can’t win us. Pdpmust win nothing will stop us. They can manipulate what ever they want

  5. The God we serve will not let buhari or any apc member

  6. Manipulation of elections in 2019 can’t be done with the electronic device . That’s a false from Ben

    1. it can be done. it has been done before and will be done. this corrupt government can go any length to win the 2019 election

      1. The voting machine was introduced in 2015 . So are you telling me 2015 election was rigged ? . It was so visible who won the election . VOTE RIGHT. Don’t be looted

        1. 2015 was rigged with lots of threats from your god. Your god threatened that the baboons and monkeys will be soaked in blood. Then a man with human feeling made us understand that his political ambition is not worth the drop of blood of any citizen. So you see what we are dealing with now, right?

  7. we are all waiting, let’s how possible that will be

  8. Every time one party is planning to rig election, how do u know their plans

  9. They can never succeed in fact this is the beginning of the downfall of APC

  10. Hmmmmm election rigging again

  11. Let’s wait till the election period and see what they can do to rig it

  12. It’s sad how power only lies in one political party in this country. Democracy is only being taught but not practiced here in Nigeria

  13. Anything is possible in Nigeria, but for the fact it has been discovered it will not work for them

  14. the more reason they allocated above 250billion for election, when they are not buying card readers or computers. Jonathan already bought those.

  15. Nigerians and their politics

  16. Let’s just see how the election plays out

  17. It won’t be too cool if this man rig this election

  18. This is Nigeria.. Everyone is trying to rig out the other.

  19. Legit,he is right

  20. How sire are you Mr bayelsa

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