Ariana Grande’s ex-Mac Miller died of Fentanyl and Cocaine and was found in a ‘Praying’ Position

 Ariana Grande's ex-Mac Miller died of Fentanyl and Cocaine and was found in a 'Praying' Position
US rapper Mac Miller‘s cause of death has been revealed.The ex-boyfriend of pop star Ariana Grande who was found dead in his Studio City, California, home on Sept. 7,  died of an accidental overdose of fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol at the age of 26.  The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner ruled in a statement released Monday that Miller’s death was accidental and due to mixed drug toxicity.The autopsy was completed three days after the star’s death and his body was released to his family, who have since buried him in their hometown of Pittsburgh, according to Los Angeles County coroner’s spokeswoman Sarah Ardalani.The coroner’s report reveals Miller was discovered on his bed, “kneeling with his face resting on his knees” by his personal assistant. After calling 911, the assistant moved Miller to the floor, where he performed CPR until emergency services arrived and pronounced the rapper dead. The assistant later told authorities that Miller “struggles with sobriety and when he ‘slips’ he consumes them in excess,” adding that the musician had had “several recent ‘slips,’” the most recent being three days prior to his death.The post Ariana Grande’s ex-Mac Miller died of Fentanyl and Cocaine and was found in a ‘Praying’ Position appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. I wish other drug addictes would learn from these

  2. That is the power of hard drugs

  3. Hard drugs is not good to the health

  4. May God help us. This drug addicts are the one killing themselves.

  5. Excessive intake of drugs and alcohol results to depression, which in turn results to suicidal attempt.

  6. Rest in peace.. let say no to drugs

  7. Of course he had to ask God for forgiveness first b4 breathing his last breath Na a very big lesson to those abusing drugs

  8. Drug abuse also a serious problem

  9. People should learn from this

  10. It’s one thing to take hard drugs but it’s another to consume them with alcohol

  11. When will this people learn? Drugs Addicts everywhere!

  12. People will never learn

  13. A lesson to learn!

  14. People should learn .
    Drug cut lifes

  15. Let them maintain their position

  16. Rest in peace

  17. Artist should stop taking this hard drugs. It kills

  18. Hard drugs is not good in the body system rip

  19. Have mercy lord

  20. This will serve as a lesson to all those drug addicts

  21. I wish its gonna b a lesson for others

  22. Only God knows what they derive form such…of course it’s eventual death.

  23. looking good

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