“Atiku’s Invasion By The Military Never Happened” – Ben Bruce

Senator Ben Bruce once again called out the Presidency for the invasion of Atiku’s private jet upon his arrival yesterday.

The Presidency had defended the move saying it a a normal ‘routine search’, but Senator Ben Bruce says,

‘Atiku has been flying in and out of Nigeria with his private jet. Never has this invasion by the military happened. The Presidency said this is a routine exercise. Well if this was routine, it would have happened every time Atiku flew into Nigeria. But it only just happened’ .

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  1. Political story, more is yet to happen and if you want to follow them it will be something else .I believe they know what they are doing

  2. That defensive statement from the presidency is not worth it. I expected something better to be said as the reason.

  3. Politics not really my thing

  4. I know you will sure take sides

  5. You are taking sides because he is in your party

  6. So what is his point exactly

  7. Politics games ehh

  8. This man is afraid already. Atikulated

  9. Atiku is not above the law . And he can be searched . This shouldn’t be an issue

  10. Why keeping disturbed he’s our next leader of state

  11. Even if it did…is he above d law??

  12. A whole president telling lies Wat a country of lieing leaders

  13. I think justice should be done

  14. Why are they telling lies

  15. politics and their games

  16. This is a defensive statement. If he has not been checked before and it started now there is nothing wrong. Nobody is above the law.

  17. when Buhari was parking d country’s jet outside d shores of its borders nobody searched him. wasting d country resources. d incumbent government is a curse to d nation let’s change the change

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