Austin Canis Lupus Castle missing: Austin Castle missing person

Austin Canis Lupus Castle missing: This is a desperate call to help find Austin Castle missing person.

Austin Canis Lupis Castle, 23 years old went missing from Phoenix Arizona.

Austin Canis Lupus Castle missing

Austin Canis Lupus Castle missing:

His heartbroken mum, Randi Castle wrote this on her Facebook page:

This is my son Austin Canis Lupis Castle. This is one of the hardest things I have had to do.

On May 29th he was supposed to board a plane to Alaska to go to work. We thought he was in transition up there for cellular service, but the harsh reality is, he never made it up there.

He has been MIA, no response, no phone calls, social media is nothing, and I am at a loss.

I have been calling hospitals, jails, rehabs, medical examiners, and reaching out to his friends. Please. Share.

We think he may be in Phoenix area (Glendale) or Tucson. Please reach out with any information day or night.

Last place known was the Phoenix airport. I will update any information as it is known. I beg. Please as a mom, share share share.

Please if you have any helpful information, kindly contact Ms Randi here


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