Austin Ebertowski death: Austin Ebertowski obituary – what happened?

Austin Ebertowski death: Austin Ebertowski has passed away.

This was confirmed by his heartbroken mother Lindsay Ebertowski who wrote in a tribute on Facebook:

Austin Ebertowski death

This can’t be real it feels like a bad dream! I don’t know how to do this but I will for you!

Austy I love you so much! I’m so grateful for the time we had together this last week! I will forever cherish every wonderful memory you have given me thru the years!

Until we meet again my sweet Angel!

Austin Ebertowski death

At this moment, details about how Austin Ebertowski tragically passed are sketchy. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

Read touching tributes from Austin Ebertowski’s loved ones. Please pray for his family.

  • From Simone Hollingsworth:

There’s no words to describe the pain I feel. I’ve never felt this way in my life I not only lost a nephew, but a brother and a best friend.

It kills me inside to know I’ll never see you again to never laugh with you again. I spoke to you on the phone on my birthday and it made me so happy you called and I wish anything in the world to hear you again and to tell me how awesome your life was going since you moved.

We were only about 2 months apart when we were born and have been best friends ever since even if we didn’t talk as much as we were supposed to, but I am so happy you got to be at my wedding and I’ll forever wish you got to meet Jax.

I love you so much and I’ll think about you everyday I love you Austin.

  • From Austin T-Pain Gillan:

These nights are darker than most. It’s not fair that this happened. I’ve went to war with you on the field, we saw success and failure, and experienced some of the happiest of times.

I’ll never forget when I talked you into joining a dance crew with me and we crashed the school dance, then we talked coach into letting us skip practice so we could dance at Nebraska’s got talent lmao he thought we were crazy!

No matter if we grow old and apart we will always be Brothers! And when my kids tell me “their team is great” “we have this, we have that” I’ll shake my head and say “let me tell you about Austin Ebertowski.”

To The Fastest Angel in the Heavens.🙌🏽 RIP you will be missed and never forgotten.

  • From Derek Pruett:

I just want this pain to go away! I want to wake up from this nightmare! I just want to talk to you one more time!

You will Always be our Leader Ebert! Ill miss calling you and you answer the phone : Go for Bert! You pushed me to be a better man and you always told me the truth even when it hurt my feelings lol but at the end you always knew it would make me better!

Your were always right “per ushh” you have no idea how much we love you and even tho you rarely ever used that word we all know you loved us too!

I will see you again brother! Keep my beer cold for me! Love you BertFresh!

  • From Jessica Mericle:

My favorite picture of us from my favorite day with you. I watched you ball out 🏈 on that field (per the usual) followed up by a night of drinks🍻, laughter😆and dancing 🕺💃 downtown in the bars.

I took you back to my new home that I had just got the keys to. No TV, no electronics; just furniture, water and electricity. You pulled up your SoundCloud account (Bert Fresh) so I could listen to your raps.

We did some free-styling of our own and you made me sing for you. We sang together in what I remember as perfect harmony.

To end the late night/early morning, we finished with a conversation that was so deep, it changed my life. I’ll forever cherish that day, those memories and the bond we shared. Thank you, nephew. ❤️🙏🏽


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