Balancing Life And An Acting Career, The Talented Amelia O’Loughlin

British actress Amelia O’Loughlin, says she doesn’t like to play things safe -“Especially with art, there’s room to play and to push the boundaries. Of all the fascinating characters out there, I want to explore their complexities and get tangled up in them”. Ms. O’Loughlin is currently living in London, England where she’s taken to the stage and screen, and has received rave reviews for lead characters such as the infamous Blanche DuBois from A Streetcar Named Desire – a character many young actors would run from! She mastered Shakespeare during her time working in Barcelona, playing Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream; she’s portrayed the cold and heartless antagonist Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest,and she’s performed at the world-famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival with London’s Swish Theatre.

Ms. O’Loughlin is also an entrepreneur. This multi-talented young woman works in stage and screen as an actor, writer and director with her London- based company, Stone’s Throw. They look forward to shooting their debut feature film in New York City next year where Amelia will be assuming the lead role of Jess – a perfect example of steering clear of “safe” characters and embracing Amelia’s vast emotional range and her ability to carry a feature rivetingly. Amelia can’t wait to bring her truth, passion and commitment to the movie.

Ms. O’Loughlin, who has recently
signed with London’s Camilla Storey Management, is excited for what her future
holds. Her primary focus is presently on her film career, with roles in two of
this year’s notable feature films Mamma
Mia 2: Here We Go Again
and Holmes
& Watson

Ms. O’Loughlin has played manyleading roles in both stage and screen and can confidently – with pride and responsibility – take to leading the story although she’s dabbled in character acting and is adept with accents.  Undoubtedly, this offers another reason for her great popularity in the US, with her impeccable American accent. Amelia’s represented in London, but also has management and representation offers in New York City and Los Angeles, and work offers worldwide. One of Amelia’s greatest artistic inspirations was Robin Williams.

She found his playfulness, conviction and creative freedom to be a huge influence towards her approach to improvisation, character development and performance. Comedy isn’t Amelia’s go-to, Drama has always been her preference,but Amelia now tells us that for her it’s really about “finding a character who needs a voice given to them” – whether that be in a comedy or drama. Her focus,she insists, is on “creating a connection” with her audience.

For example, her highly praised portrayal of 16-year-old Beth – a troubled young girl having an affair with her much older and engaged school teacher – in the theater production of Scarborough last year, required Amelia to deliver a carefully nuanced performance striking somewhere between feelings of smug and shame, and finding both sympathy and intolerance in her audience.

Transforming herself yet again,Ms. O’Loughlin profoundly and proficiently captured the lead role, Olivia, inthe short film turned music video My Lovefor London-based musician Hourigan -available on SoundCloud and YouTube. Amelia moves effortlessly and fluently between either spectrum of her broad emotional range, presenting truly extraordinary skills as an actor. Unequivocally, we have a huge star in the making. England, Ireland, America and well… Earth, you’ll soon be seeing much more of Ms. Amelia O’Loughlin.


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