Beach Style Tips: Bikini Alternatives For Plus Sized Ladies

bikini alternatives for plus sized ladies

Finding the ideal swim wear is hard work. It’s even more difficult to find modest, comfortable swimsuits for plus size ladies!

To eliminate the limited options available and get comfortable beach wears, you need alternatives. Apart from showing off your bikinis what will make you enjoy an outing to the beach? Bikini alternatives! They are available in various stores online and offline.

Swim Dresses

(Photo: Pinterest via Stylish Dressing)

This bikini alternative for plus sized ladies is made from the exact material as the regular swimsuit. Plus sized ladies who aren’t so at ease with the traditional swimsuit can go with this option. The swim dress’ distinctive quality is the skirt at the bottom. They are available in different styles – halter top, tank top – and options as one or two-piece.

Bikini alternatives

(Photo: eBay)

They say bikini, we say tankini. A tankini is a two piece swimsuit option for plus sized women. It mostly comes in tank-top style with a short or skirt.  The swimsuit fabric used in making the tankini gives a sexy slimming illusion. Other necklines available include round neck, v-neck and halter.

Blouson Style Swimwear
bikini alternatives for plus sized ladies

(Photo: Instagram/Tania Omotayo)

This is yet another two piece bikini alternative. The blouson style swimwear creates a slimming shape with its look-alike tank top shirt which has cinched waist. It also hides trouble spots and gives you the skirt or short option. The pieces are mix ‘n’ match solid colours or graphic print tops with neutral colours.

Bandeau and Shorts
bikini alternatives for plus sized ladies

(Photo: Cassie Daves)

Swim shorts with a bandeau or boob tube has at all times been an option for both slender and plus size ladies. If you are body conscious wearing a bikini top, you can wrap up by putting a bandeau over it. This chiefly protects your boobs from harsh sun rays and it’s helpful to those with sensitive skin. It also requires less sunscreen and covers you up.

Meanwhile, we think you’ll totally love these plus sized swim suit designs.

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