Beads Making Tutorials For Beginners

This Beads making tutorials is geared towards the beginners to assist you know what it takes and all you will be needing to get started. If you have ever been to a Jewelry stores and see where those nice looking beads are displayed along with other beauty products in show glasses, you may likely be lead to wondering of which Western country they have have been imported from.

Get closer and ask of their prices and you would be taken further aback at how much each well crafted beads goes for, and again if you are to be told that all those nice looking beads you have in there were actually made locally by ladies like you who saw the golden opportunity and grabbed it, you would be forced to think again. Beads making is a good business and that is why we are putting out this beads making tutorials to assist you every step of the way.

A good number of ladies in Nigeria are currently making millions with beads business while others are busy looking for that clean guy with clean things all around which sometimes turns out to be ‘the more you look, the less you see’. Follow this beads making tutorials to start a business that could be making you N200,000 monthly.

All that is required as a bead maker is the ability to mix different colors of bead seeds to form either a necklace, ear rings, rings, or even handbags and that’s all.

Beauty products are in good demand especially if it has to do with women because real ladies don’t joke with anything that could make them look presentable and classy. This is where finely designed beads comes in handy.

If you have the flares as a lady and is artistically inclined, our advice to you is follow this beads making tutorials and ‘jump in and have others see what you can do with designs while you smile to your bank with the proceeds’.

Beads making doesn’t cost much to start as one can get started from just N5,000 or even with less. The major thing is the right knowledge about how to come up with beautiful designs and how you will be supplying your products to your customers.

If you are ready to get started, here is the practical beads making tutorials and steps to guide you.


Easy Steps To Beads Making Business In Nigeria.
1. Training. Learn from professional beads makers for as that would open your eyes to the business opportunities in beads making.

2. Materials. Get your materials from the sellers in the markets around you or ask within your area if you don’t know.

3. Color mixtures. Know how to blend different colors of beads for various occasions and what people want.

4. Do things a bit differently from where you learn the trade, be unique. Be open to suggestions from your customers to be and don’t dictate for your new customers as that sometimes puts them off.

How then can you compete in the almost saturated markets of beads making in Nigeria? Well, the business is still wide open as against the notions that it is already filled up. All you need as a new entrant is to be unique and try to be a little different both in style and in marketing your products.


Steps On How To Beat Your Competitors And Sell Your Products
1. Be Different
Mix not just colors but different beads sizes and craft it in a way that even other beads makers spends some extra time trying to figure how you blend it.

2. Open A Blog
Explore different avenues in having your products seen by many people. When you have a blog about your products and expose it to some of your friends who in turn would expose it to the others, you will be surprised at the extent your works would go. Write about what you are capable of doing in your blogs and request for some suggestions from viewers.

3 Be Generous
Offer to make free beads for some of your friends and have them tell others about your business. Do it often but be wise not to be taken for granted.

Beads Making Tutorials\

Different Simple But Sophisticated Bead Necklace Designs

4. Take your goods to some supermarkets and have it displayed for you there for a commission. If done well, this is capable of exploding your little home business.


5. Events
Be business minded with your newfound hobby. Attend important events in a well dressed manner with enough beads decorations that matched with your wears. If you receive a wedding invitation card, study the the color dress codes and come up with beads that speaks volume about the occasion and tell others before hand.


6. Affiliate
Register with some online stores like Konga and Jumiar and make the pictures of your well crafted products available to them for a commission. Your products will be visible to their numerous customers and be handy to supply them at every demand. All you do in this instance is just to give them your wares at any of their physical outlets while you leave the rest for them. It’s their duty to get the product to the buyer and have your own share paid into your bank account.


7. Expand Your Business
If you have any of your friends traveling abroad, give them some sample of your products to sell for you there! A woman who tried that method, had enough others that later took her abroad to supply to those in need of her particular brand of beads.

Another wonderful thing in beads making is that it sometimes forces a person into other fashion related business like shoes, head ties, lace materials and even beautification business as you may have grown to understand color mixtures for different occasions.

Beads making is so wonderful because it turns creativity into pure profit. Yes, if you are good in bead making, you will be producing, apart from necklaces, materials like handbags, earrings, and other combinations that people will be struggling for.

Be sure to secure your business with Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) when the time comes as your beads business which you may had started with just N100 is capable of taking you up to your widest imaginations if taken seriously by following the above stated guidelines. Wishing you success in your beads making business. Remember to tell others about this.

Source: WealthResults


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