Bridge Leading To Rochas Okorocha’s Village Collapses For The Third Time

A bridge leading straight to Ogboko, which is Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha’s village, has caved in for the third time.The bridge referred to as Mgbee bridge, connects Orlu to Ideato-North and South local government areas of the state. Rochas Okorocha’s village, Ogboko, is in Ideato-South local government area.The bridge leads to Governor Okorocha’s village, Ogboko, and he plies that bridge always.A portion of the bridge caved in, leading to the closure of that section of the bridge. Motorists now use one lane due to the danger posed by the collapsed portion of the bridge.That collapsed portion has been repaired two times. The bridge caved in shortly after use. It has collapsed again, as Okorocha is about to leave office.The opening is very dangerous and nothing has been done to it. From all indications, a terribly poor job was done on the other two occasions that the bridge was repaired.Now that Okorocha is leaving office without fixing a bridge that leads to his own village, who will come to the rescue of Ideato North and South people of the state who are the ones worse hit by the neglect?Click here to watch video;