Burna Boy Billboard Spotted In Times Square, New York City

Nigerian Singer, Burna Boy is reaching the pinnacle as his Billboard was found in times square, New York City.

See photos:

Source: Gistvic.com


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  1. It really nice of him

  2. That’s a good honour

  3. He is making us very proud

  4. Burna boy is a legend already.

  5. Very great impression

  6. Good for him oo very nice

  7. o yeah, our guy is going places. kudos burna boy

  8. Burna Boy is the Goat

  9. Ahead ahead

  10. Burna boy is a goal

  11. This people are out there making Nigeria proud. Only our politicians fail

  12. Wow!!!that a good one.keep it up.naija got talent

  13. We are taking over the world

  14. Nice one, keep it up

  15. Great one bro!

  16. Nigeria to the world! Go burna!

  17. You are doing great Burna boy

  18. Great burna boys

  19. Mqke una remembee naija. Our belove country

  20. I want to see mi own soon

  21. Wow
    Its your boy burna
    Go niggi
    Win for us

  22. Great job. Make our country proud always.

  23. Good impression,kudos!

  24. Good one, keep it up

  25. Guy keep flying higher and higher and continue to make Naija proud

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