Business That Makes Youngest Millionaires In Nigeria

Hi guys, It’s a gift to be alive and much more wonderful when you have had most of your plans for last year accomplished at this time. Soon, we will be saying goodbye to this year and welcomes into another brand new year. I want to congratulate everyone of you for a fruitful business year and to introduce to you the businesses that create youngest millionaires in Nigeria.

As we match into the new year, your goal should be to start it on the right footing so that by this time of next year, you would have all your dreams accomplished and much more. It is important to start your business on time for those who wants to be a winner because starting late means you would have to struggle. So, I want to take this time to recommend some of the best businesses in Nigeria that will make you a millionaire this year.

This post is going to be brief, short, and straight to the point. And if you have any question or suggestions, feel free to make it known by dropping a comment below. If you think there is another business that should make the list, please do recommend it through the comment by writing the short description of how the business works.


List of Business That Create Youngest Millionaires in Nigeria
So, without wasting more time, below is my top 5 businesses in Nigeria that can make anyone a millionaire if you start and run it perfectly well. And the good thing about these businesses is that they wouldn’t drain your pocket to get start. The startup capitals are reasonable to the point I think you can handle. Here they are –



1. Private School
Setting up a Private Nursery and Primary School in Nigeria don’t have to be capital intensive at the early stage. I have seen people start this business with rented apartment and even uncompleted building only to grow to giant group of schools within a short period of time.

There is huge profit taking going on in the education business sector in Nigeria right now and this coming year 2014 is going to be one of the defining years in the business for some people. Are you prepared to be one of them? You need to start working things out as soon as we enter the new year. Education business in Nigeria is a millionaire maker anytime and you are sure to become one if you give it a try.


2. Real Estate
This sector is so diverse that anyone with any amount of money and experience could invest in there. I like land flipping a lot because it helps me multiple the cash at hand without having to put much effort. It is as simple as buy and sell and take your profit without developing.

But one of the cheapest aspect of Real Estate business in Nigeria is the Estate Agent business. I have seen law graduates take to this business on a small scale and within the shortest possible time, they are having a big property management company of their own. You don’t need much to start this business; just an office space (shop) and you are good to go. Give it a try in 2014 and tell me how it goes.


3. Used Books
Importation of used books into Nigeria from USA, Europe, and some parts of Asia is by far more lucrative than as you think. You think Nigerians doesn’t read books? You are wrong! In fact, we read more books than most countries in Europe but you wouldn’t know until you get into this business.


4. Poultry Farming
You think many people are in this business be cause of the number of comments you see on one of my article on How to start a Poultry Business in Nigeria? You are wrong! Nigeria still import 70% percent of her chickens from oversea. And most of the poultry farmers in the country are still doing it in the wrong way.

Even if all those currently in the business are doing it professionally well enough to meet Nigeria’s domestic need, there are still room for exportation which even where the real money is. Poultry farming business is one of the ultimate millionaires maker in this country. Dare it and you will never regret it provided you manage your farm very well.


5. Internet Business
Whenever this is mentioned, your mind goes to some small eBooks and seminars that promises untold wealth from doing nothing? Internet business is far much beyond that mediocrity and I can tell you for free that there may probably not be any other business model as profitable as that of the internet if you get your niches perfectly well.

If you wants to stand a chance of hitting it hard in this sector, you need to start and run your business like a pro! To help you achieve that on a fast lane, we will be having The Internet Business School from February 20th to 22nd. If you can afford the fee of N100,000 for the three days training, then prepare to meet your destiny. Internet is a guaranteed millionaire making platform that you wouldn’t want to miss doing business on.

Now is the right time to start business on the internet in Nigeria. If you wait a little longer, you may probably not be able to make it as easy as those who are starting now.

Source: WealthTurns


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