Cameron Fikac death: Cameron’s successful organ & tissue donations

Cameron Fikac death: Cameron became a successful organ & tissue donor after he tragically died of septic shock two weeks after choking on chicken bone.

Cameron Fikac death getpaid (1)

Cameron Fikac was the son of Williamson County Chief Deputy Roy Fikac, who works for Sheriff Robert Chody.

His very proud family announced Cameron Fikac’s corneas were successfully transplanted into a young person that was never able to see before.

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Cameron Fikac death getpaid

Cameron Fikac death:

A healthy 20-year-old Cameron Fikac died after he choked on a chicken bone and two different doctors failed to get him help.

According to his family, Fikac choked while eating chicken and for days later, he complained of pain in his neck.

Fikac visited two doctors, both of whom said nothing appeared to be wrong with him. However, Fikac continued to feel pain in his throat — so much so that he wasn’t able to eat.

He had no external injuries.

Fikac’s family believes he was driving to another doctor when he went into cardiac arrest. The 20-year-old was hospitalized.

When doctors asked the family for medical history, Fikac’s parents told doctors about their son’s recent throat problems. Doctors performed a CAT scan and found a bone longer than 1 inch lodged in Fikac’s throat.

Fikac went on life support Thursday. He died five days later, on Tuesday, April 9.

Sheriff Chody said in a video on Twitter:

“He said he choked on a chicken bone 10 days ago, and for the past 10 days he’s been complaining about this lodged object in his throat, enough to where he went and sought medical attention not once, but twice within 10 days.

“Each time being told, there was nothing in there, each time.

Today, I witnessed with the family, them watch their son pass away.

“When you have a 20-year-old saying, ‘Something’s in my throat,’ and, from my understanding, making it sound like he’s overreacting, that’s negligence in my opinion.”

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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