Caption this photo of President Buhari and Minister of Communication, Adebayo Shittu

 Caption this photo of President Buhari andMinister of Communication,Adebayo Shittu
What do you think the young man is telling them?The post Caption this photo of President Buhari andMinister of Communication,Adebayo Shittu appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. Seems he is lying to the President

  2. He tellin him sumtin dat dt go well

  3. It’s well with them

  4. He is telling them that everything will be fine

  5. He looks gud as usual

  6. He’s cautioning them I think…lol

  7. Buhari . Why did apc denied me of my governorship ambition

  8. His telling Buhari to step down for Atiku

  9. E no concern me Wetin them dey talk about

  10. is tell him that is admistration is dumped

  11. he’s asking him why he’s making him how lean like him

  12. The young man is showing something to the President and co from his phone which captoured the interest of Buhari.

  13. Retired but not tired, action man

  14. For buu buu’s ears only

  15. I’ll hunt this that did not allow me to become Oyo governor

  16. He was trying to communicate to Mr president but he is not looking at him.

  17. He was asking him to shed more light on how his certificate is different

  18. This so funny but something is not right

  19. Something might went wrong

  20. The lord is their strength

  21. They both can’t see well!

  22. They are gradually becoming friends

  23. what ever,its not my concern

  24. The Lord is their strength

  25. Our men in the country

  26. That’s nice

  27. He is telling him that there is problem oo

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