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Ellie Morad missing child scam: Who is the real Ellie Morad?

Ellie Morad missing 12 year old child scam: A Facebook account that shared video claiming sister Ellie Morad is missing has been revealed to be a scam and the public is warned against clicking it. This is because the link connected to the video will require users to sign into their Facebook account and through […]

Adorrree Roblox kidnapped: Who is Adorrree on Roblox Tiktok?

Adorrree Roblox kidnapped: Adorrree on Roblox is a user also named Adorrree on Tiktok. She made comments on social media that being racist is fine and that black people and hispanics should be locked up. Address, age, personal info and more allegedly belonging to Adorrree got  exposed to the world on social media along with […]

Kiara Love missing: Has Kiara Love Minneapolis been found?

Kiara Love missing: There are no official statements online confirming Kiara Love Minneapolis has been found after she went missing January 29, 2019. The 15 year old, born March 8, 2004, went missing January 2019 and her missing case was featured on Live PD television show. The only update available about Kiara Love is that her […]

Chynna Toilolo missing update: What happened to Chynna Toilolo?

Chynna Toilolo missing: Family and loved ones are asking the public’s help to find their daughter Chynna Toilolo missing from Ogden, Utah May 9th, 2020.  Chynna was last seen 9th May 2020. last heard from 10th May 2020 when she texted her mum that she was on her way home. Andy Dennis, from North Ogden Utah, is […]

Caitlin Craggett missing: 15 year old Caitlin Craggett Sunnyvale, TX

Caitlin Craggett missing: Have you seen 15 year old Caitlin Craggett missing from Sunnyvale, TX since 9 May, 2020? Caitlin Craggett was last seen 7:00 AM on Saturday, 5/9/2020. She was last seen in her home in Sunnyvale, TX. Her statistics – Height: 5’7”, Weight: 130 lb, Hair color: Light Brown, Eye color: Hazel A missing person’s report has […]

Kristen Morgan missing update: Kristen Morgan Tiktok – what happened?

Kristen Morgan missing update: Kristen Morgan Tiktok star hasn’t been seen on social media two days after she posted a video saying she and a friend went to pick up quail eggs in some scary place. Fans are worried 17 year old Tiktok star Kristen is missing after she posted a video where she said […]