Cheating Married Woman Chops Off Her Lovers Joystick For Flirting With Other Women

A married woman, who was committing adultery with a lover was upset when she found out that her lover had been flirting with other women, so she allegedly cut off his peen.

According to her lover, Nayak, Patra(woman) invited him to her home to give him 10,000 INR (£107) for a bike she wanted to buy. But, while there Patra and a friend are said to have butchered Nayak’s manhood.

Nayak was rushed to hospital after horrified neighbours in Keonjhar, India, rang emergency services.
Nayak claims he was involved in an affair with Patra, a married woman, and she became jealous when she learned he was talking to other women on the phone.

He said:
They were also trying to kill me because they throttled me too. Somehow, I dragged myself away from the house and was seen by neighbours who immediately called the emergency services.

It’s unclear if the man’s peen has been reattached and, if so, whether he has regained full sensation.

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  1. good for the man,they cannot be satisfied with one woman.

  2. And what was he waiting for to the extent of grabbing and chopping off his joystick

  3. This is a good informative story

  4. A lots of bad news coming from india

  5. Thats the implication of looking for a sugar mummy.

  6. Wonders shall never end…

  7. Nawa o
    She’s cheating and she’s still jealous
    This one is madnesa

  8. @ chinwe your now blaming the man for cheating and let me ask you is it only men that cheat what about you women…but wonders shall never end

  9. Cheating is very bad

  10. What level of greed is that,what part of her body her own husband chop off?

  11. Jeez.
    I just pray the peen regains it’s sensation

  12. Is she not flirting too , why the jealousy ? Well, that serves him right

  13. That’s their business

  14. Actual so far and she was also cheating

  15. Ghosh,this is wickeness of the highest order

  16. Why are they all chopping things off

    1. The culprit taking on another culprit

  17. Wonders shall never end

  18. That’s too much

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