Check Out These Interesting Ways To Style Your Locs

style your dreadlocks

Locs are beautiful and super cool but they can become boring after a while if you don’t know how to style them.

Who says locs have to be boring and one dimensional? You can actually be as creative with your locs as you want to be. So feel free to experiment till you find something that suits your personality perfectly. To get you started, here are seven ways you can style your locs.

No 4 is our favourite!

  1. The loc-tail

If you’ve got really long locs, then a fishtail is perfect for you.

style your locs

(Photo: Instagram/xixi971)


2. Styled into a fringe and ponytail

This style would suit medium length locs perfectly. Leave out a few locs at the front of your hair and pull the rest up into a high ponytail.

style your locs

(Photo: Instagram/ djlakegang)


3. High bun

This look is perfect if you’re going for a formal event. Packing your hair into a bun high at the top of head will take you from cool to chic in seconds.

style your locs

(Photo: Pinterest via Thembeka Mqadi)

4. The pompadour

This is another way to style your locs if you’re getting red carpet ready.

style your locs



5. Ombre locs

Putting some colour on your locs is a fun way to spice it up. You can also add hair accessories to make it more dramatic.

style your locs



6. Half up and half down

This is a really simple but chic way to style your locs.

style your locs



7. Try Flat Twists

Flat twists with locs are interesting because they have a cornrow-ish look. But try not to pull the hair too tightly in front so you don’t hurt your edges.

style your locs



Also, check out these braided locs styles that will have you turning heads.

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