Checkout beautiful female musicians in Nigeria

1. Tiwa Savage

This woman began her brilliant career in the background with the legendary George Michael. She quickly became famous, and now Tiwa is popular all over the world. Each of her albums conquers the tops of the charts. According to the singer, only a family makes a woman beautiful. Incredible, stylish and talented Tiwa Savage conquered the world.

2. Niyola

This woman is a famous recording artist and talented singer. She is also a songwriter for many Nigerian musicians. Niyola has a charming smile and deeply expressive eyes, thus very proud of her attractive appearance. And to look so gorgeous, a Niyola has some secrets. She does cleansing masks and then applies a moisturizer, so her skin shines in the morning. And her favorite berry lipstick gives the whole appearance charm and mystery.

3. Waje

She is a famous Nigerian singer whose strong vocal range covers three octaves. Waje is an acronym for “Words aren’t just enough.” And this is true. For this gorgeous woman, words aren`t enough. She kills by her beauty. Bright features, a feminine figure and a piercing look of the singer make the male heartbeat several times more often.

4. Cynthia Morgan

The bustling singer has so brightly rushed into the world of show-business, that people started talking about her as the successor to Lady Gaga. But over time, the beauty changed the “freak” style to a softer and classic, not forgetting to emphasize her appearance with bright notes. To always be hot, Cynthia Morgan advises to go to a hairdresser more often.

5. Chidinma

She became the number one singer according to the MTV. Her collection also has many other awards. Dark, thick hair framing her beautiful face, and mouth-watering forms complete look of this beauty.


6. Yemi Alade

She is an Afropop singer and has a lot of nominations in musical contests. The beauty doesn`t deny that she loves sweets, hates diets and never sticks to them. The secret of Yemi’s beauty lies in the control of consumed foods and love of sports. The singer believes that to be dazzling as long as possible you need to drink 1.5 liters of water every day and sleep well.


7. Simi

Her lightness and serenity fascinate many people. Dark straight hair, adorable eyes, and a sweet smile make her a gorgeous woman. According to the singer, beauty is given to women not by tons of cosmetics, but by an inner sense of happiness and love for themselves and the world around us.


8. Nnekka

She is a Nigerian singer who glorifies her country in Europe. Nnekka has an interesting and unsurpassed musical style that will not leave anyone indifferent. “Beauty is, above all, your inner world” – the singer likes to repeat. And the best assistants in preserving her beauty she considers massage and meditation. Appraising her photos we can say, she looks stunning.


9. ASA

Some call her appearance the most interesting in Nigeria. Thin features, expressive eyes and plump lips attract many people to the ranks of her fans. The singer very often uses glasses as her main accessory. Her face has decorated many fashion magazines cover.


10. Omawumi

She is an ambassador of peace, a talented singer and songwriter, as well as an actress of Itsekiri ethnicity. The singer has for many years remained the idol of many upcoming singers in Nigeria. Girls want to be like the favorite singer, copying her in everything, and men admire her beauty. She admits that she does nothing special for this, she does her favorite thing and is being happy with every day of her life.

Indeed, in most cases, for a musician, outer beauty doesn`t play a significant role, yet it can be an excellent addition to talent. We believe that these famous Nigerian musicians above are loved not for their beauty alone, but for their voices and talented performances. It is also worth noting that the talent of a musician, can even dictate the canons of beauty.

Source: Naij


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