Christian About To Convert To Islam Because Of A Woman

I have a problem that’s been disturbing my peace. But I need to give you guys a prelude to better understand my predicament.
I am from the Eastern part of Nigeria, but have lived almost a quarter of my life in the northern part of the country, went to university in the north, served in the north and currently working in kano.
I have been a Christian from birth. But I have never settled well with all the teachings and dogma of religion, any one for that matter, but I haven’t been biased either.
I only go to church occasionally.
My recent romantic experiences haven’t been rosy, most girls out there are only interested in who to suck dry and I frankly do not have patience for bullshit time wasters.
So recently I met a beautiful soul, she is 18 from kano and I am 25 from Enugu, and I was strongly drawn to her and wish to marry her.
She has finished secondary school, well educated and raised well though she is from a very humble background (I honestly don’t care about that).
I approached her and made my intentions known to her, I got some of my elderly Muslim friends to talk to her and she agreed only on the condition that I would convert.
I am not overly bothered about converting, so as to marry her. But I am concerned that after the conversion and marriage that I may show the same lackadaisical attitude I gave Christianity. Though I sometimes wonder what old friends will say when they eventually find out.