Christianity Does Not Dictate A Dress Code”—Daddy Freeze Slams Patience Ozokwor

Daddy Freeze has reacted to the viral video of actress/Evangelst Patience Ozokwor saying a born again Christian is not ready to serve God if he or she has not changed their wardrobe. Reacting to her post via his IG page, Freeze wrote

”Wow, this used to be my favorite actress….. We have all been schooled in error, Christianity does not dictate a dress code, modesty in all things is advised, but this right here is someone’s personal philosophy, NOT Christ’s!

This is just sad
Yes the church should be separate from the world. But the world is not fashion or music, it’s money power and religion.
When Yeshua said the world hated him, who was he talking about? Fashion designers? Of course not, it was religious people using the name of God who hated him.
? John 15:18 ?
New Living Translation

“If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first.

If you want to drive the world out of the church, start with the GOs

Watch the viral video of Evangelist Ozokwor speaking on Christianity and wardrobe below

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  1. Oga Freeze mind your own business na

  2. Wow this is serious

  3. Everyone with his or her opinion, That is daddy freeze opinion on the matter

  4. I agree with the fact that the the act of dressing can only be bad if you’re showing off your body. The most important thing is your heart

  5. It’s all about being decent.. And not being religious

  6. Daddy freeze is right, a criminal might decide to wear a suit to church and the other person that is a good guy might be in a jeans, people might label the guy on jeans a bad person not knowing that his heart is clean

  7. Oga freeze, go out there and ask the woman was talking about, it’s seems as you don’t understand her words very well .

  8. It’s only in Africa dat we label ppl bad because of their outfits

  9. Yes o I agree with this but that doesn’t says they should now dress half naked

  10. You are partially right but you know most churches now when you get there is just like a night club

  11. Good information

  12. Is better when u dress right

  13. Of course it does modest dressing

  14. Hmmm… Speechless

  15. We are entitle to our choice in life, modesty is the key.

  16. Freeze you have become too hard on people’s opinions.

  17. Hmmm.
    Don’t really know what to say

  18. Everyone with is way of services

  19. Even when I saw her pix and her dressing doesn’t show Christ . Dressing beautiful is not a sin. By their friuts ye shall no them. Thats what comes out from you. Your character not by looks

  20. I agree with her. Is better to dress right and look decent instead of half naked

  21. Its always good to be decent in the present of god

  22. I don’t agree with Freeze

  23. Thanks For The Update

  24. Dressing dosen’t matter what matters is your reletionship with Christ

  25. I said it before. They are always over doing thing when they just turned born again

  26. in everything dressing matter most u dress the way u want people to address you

  27. remember that your outside speaks of your inside

  28. this is a good information

  29. Daddy freeze loves hitting the headlines

  30. Thank you for the update

  31. Daddy Freeze you are wrong by saying Christianity doesn’t dictate dress code, you don’t expect a true Christian and a child of God to be putting on the kind of clothes to reveal their bodies. A true child of God will always dress decently to avoid seducing others, so I strongly believe what Patience Ozokwor said

  32. daddy freeze again in the news on Christianity. He is desperately needing attention.

  33. How wrong you are, dressing georgosly is all matters not dressing code,

  34. People will say Christianity is in the heart n not in the way you dressed. No, they way you dress, that’s how you will be addressed.

  35. You are right sir,a bad person can still well in the presence of God,but someone that is close to God might not dress well,so dress code should not be use to judge

  36. I agree with daddy Freeze because God watches the heart of people but as Christians we have to dress modestly

  37. Daddy freeze is right . Christianity doesn’t dictate dress code . As long as you are decent with whatever you are wearing

  38. Daddy Freeze has been known over the years to slam evangelists

  39. this man keep on saying things that doesn’t make sense. some dressing are so indecent for someone to wear to church .

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