Couple To Be Sentenced For Naming Baby After Adolf Hitler

A neo-Nazi couple await sentencing after been convicted of being part of a terrorist group and also naming baby after Adolf Hitler.

Adam Thomas, 22, and Claudia Patatas, 38, were found guilty of being members of the extreme right-wing organisation National Action, which was banned in 2016, Yahoo News UK has reported.

The jury at Birmingham Crown Court was told the couple, from Waltham Gardens, Banbury, Oxfordshire, had given their child the middle name “Adolf”, which self-confessed racist Thomas said in evidence was in “admiration” of Hitler.

Photographs recovered from their home showed Thomas cradling his newborn son while wearing the hooded white robes of a Ku Klux Klansman.
A third defendant – a leading member in National Action’s Midlands’ chapter, warehouse worker Daniel Bogunovic, 27, of Crown Hills Rise, Leicester – was also convicted of being a National Action member.

Former Amazon security guard Thomas and Patatas, a photographer originally from Portugal, were found guilty after a seven-week trial at Birmingham Crown Court.
Jurors were told Bogunovic already had a conviction from earlier this year for stirring up racial hatred after being part of a group that plastered Aston University, in Birmingham, with the group’s offensive stickers.

Thomas, a twice-failed Army applicant, was also convicted of having a terrorist manual, namely the Anarchist’s Cookbook, which contained instructions on making “viable” bombs.
The Crown’s case was that after being banned by the government in December 2016, National Action simply “shed one skin for another” and “rebranded”.
Thomas, Patatas and Bogunovic will be sentenced on December 14.

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  1. It their baby of course

  2. Even at that,not to be sentenced to death

  3. Why baby. There ought to be freedom of choice

  4. Yes it may be synonymous to racism but been sentenced to death is Huge in my opinion… There should be other penalties for that in my opinion

  5. Seriously? By the way what were they thinking when they gave the name? They should remember that name do have influence on people oo.

  6. They shld know better
    Y name ur child after a hated dictator and serial murderer

  7. I don’t think they should have done that even though their is freedom of everything why adolf

  8. it is bad follow up

  9. Even to name people after someone is bad again

  10. Watin concern dem

  11. Is not bad to name people’s name after someone, no baby owns a name

  12. People are too bad

  13. Why I think we can name our baby any name

  14. this is serious

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