Court stops Kano State Assembly from investigating bribery allegation against Governor Ganduje

Court stops Kano State Assembly from investigating bribery allegation against Governor Ganduje
Justice A.T Badamasi of a Kano state High court has issued an interim injunction restraining the State House of Assembly from further investigating the bribery allegation against Governor Abdullahi Ganduje.Governor Ganduje has been enmeshed in a bribe scandal after journalist, Jaafar Jaafar, released videos of him allegedly receiving bribe in dollars from state contractors.Delivering ruling on an ex-parte application by one Muhammad Zubair, the National Coordinator of Lawyers for Sustainable Democracy in Nigeria, Justice Badamasi granted Zubair his prayers which is to restrain the house from further investigating the governor. Joined as defendants in the suit are the Kano State House of Assembly, the House committee investigating the allegation against Governor Ganduje, and the Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice in the state.He held that the respondents were served before the close of work today while the hearing of the case should be accelerated.Justice Badamasi also issued a four-day ultimatum for the respondents to respond to the application and ordered the parties involved to ‘maintain status quo ante’ pending the hearing of the motion on notice.Justice Badamasi then adjourned the case till Monday November 11th. The post Court stops Kano State Assembly from investigating bribery allegation against Governor Ganduje appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. See how they want to seal the case

  2. This is very bad,why will they stop investigation

  3. They want to cover the matter

  4. They know what they are doing!

  5. What is the reason for ordering them to stop the investigation? Is it that the allegation is not true?

  6. Why stop the investigation?How do they want to fight corruption in this country?

  7. I don’t really know the reason why the law is just to weak to oppose the strong ones and too strong to oppose the weak ones. Corruption will never be put to an end In this country

  8. And why is that?

  9. This is not good enough for Nigeria. We all know this man is a theif with a clear evidence

  10. They want to seal the case APC senseless government

  11. because we are in a corrupt nation

  12. That is corruption in the highest order

  13. What a senseless court

  14. Why will the court stop the investigation, let them continue if found guilty he should serve the consequences

  15. All of then are thieves.

  16. leaving this man is all about nepotism which is bad

  17. is very bad

  18. This is corruption at the highest order

  19. they stop it because there is no prove for the aligation na

  20. Am not surprise reading this. I expected this.

  21. All of them are thives

  22. They should investigate them

  23. I smell foul play

  24. Let them check well oh

  25. Nigeria with corruption

  26. Why would the court stop Kano’s house of assembly on the alleged bribery case . There is enough evidence to persecute Ganduje . Enough clips to show he did collect the bribe

  27. If he was an igbo man now, he will be finally prosecuted, after they will say one Nigeria. Mtcheew

  28. What are we promoting if an offender won’t be brought to justice.

  29. Please Nigeria has to upgrade the case cannot just die like that

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