Deorr Kunz True Crime Garage: Deorr Kunz father reaction April 2019

Deorr Kunz True Crime Garage: Below is the latest public reply from missing Deorr Kunz father, Deorr Kunz Sr who is still praying and searching for his lost son.

Deorr Kunz missing breaking alert news

Deorr made the post April 26, 2019 on a Facebook page – Deorr Kunz Jr’s Voices and it reads:

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am DeOrr kunz the father.

Thank you for keeping my son in your thoughts. As long as you have good or bad opinions against me do not matter you kept my son in mind so thank you sincerely.

Thank you for donating and if you plan to do so thank you I spoke with David and I am very hopeful and think we all can get answers. At the end of the day that’s all we all want.

To my friends family and all who care about my son I really appreciate it. Banding together for my son is the way we can get further. Thanks Deorr kunz

Deorr Kunz True Crime Garage:

Deorr Kunz was 2 years old when he went missing in 2015. His family Jessica (his mom), Deorr Sr. (dad), Bob (grandfather), and Issac, a friend of his grandfather’s, had decided to take a camping trip in east Idaho.

On the morning on the second day of their camping trip Jessica needed to drive a few miles down the road to get to a store for some feminine hygiene products and asked Deorr Sr. to watch over Deorr Jr.

Deorr Sr. and Issac had planned on going fishing and asked Deorr Jr. if he wanted to go with them or if he wanted to stay at the trailer with grandpa (who happened to have candy) so the choice to stay with grandpa was pretty obvious.

Deorr Sr. and Issac were walking by the river when they saw a bunch of minnows and decided to go back to get Deorr Jr. because his dad knew how much he loved the minnows.

Upon returning to the campsite to get Deorr Jr. they soon discovered that he was nowhere to be found.

They asked Bob (grandpa) what had happened to him and he said the last time he saw him he was playing with some hot wheels under a nearby tree, but admitted that it was about 10 minutes before the two had showed up.

Bob had never really been close to Deorr Jr. and often referred to him as “the kid” or “that kid” they looked for him around the campsite but they had no luck.

Once Jessica got back from the store they called the police and reported Deorr Jr. as missing. She said the last thing he was wearing was pajama pants, a camo jacket and cowboy boots that were two sizes too big.

A search party for Deorr immediately broke out, there were hundreds of volunteers looking for Deorr but after about two weeks of looking the volunteer search party was called off and it was left to the investigators.

Nobody ever found any trace of Deorr at or near the campsite.

About 6 months after Deorr went missing, Jessica and Deorr Sr. got a divorce and Jessica soon remarried.

Their apartment had been abandoned and the landlord told them that everything from inside the apartment was put into a storage unit that investigators were able to get a hold of.

In the storage unit, they found the camo jacket that Deorr had supposedly been wearing when he went missing. This put suspicion on the parents and they were now dealing with a possible homicide.

It’s been 4 years since Deorr went missing and while no arrests have been made, the parents are still suspects.

Here are few theories as to what happened to baby Deorr:

  • Deorr just got lost while wandering around: this one is hard to believe as they never found any traces of Deorr. Investigators searched the campsite pretty throughly and came up with absolutely nothing.
  • A wild animal got to Deorr: But nobody ever found any blood or articles of clothing. Deorr was wearing boots that were two sizes too big, so if he was taken by a wild animal, is it not very likely that one of them would have slipped off?
  • Deorr was put up for an illegal adoption: This theory is that when Jessica went to the store, she actually took Deorr with her to give him up to another family. There are thoughts that If this were the case, his family would not have been as involved in the search for Deorr as they were.
  • Deorr never actually went camping : This theory is that something had happened to Deorr/ the parents did something to Deorr before the camping trip and used it as a coverup. This one sound possible considering no evidence that Deorr was ever at the campsite to begin with was ever found. There was no DNA evidence at the campsite, no blood anywhere near it. Again, the jacket Deorr was “wearing” was actually at the apartment.

These are all theories, nothing confirmed.

Here is an age-progressed picture of Deorr Kunz Jr. who went missing 4 years ago. Police are still searching.

Deorr’s photo is shown age-progressed to 4 years. He was last seen on July 10, 2015 in Leadore, Idaho while on a camping trip.

Deorr Kunz Jr age-progressed picture

Deorr Kunz Voices page

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