Did you know you can eat shea butter?

Is shea butter edible? This is the question many people ask simply because they know that this is a kind of vegetable oil that’s extracted from tree seeds. Indeed, can this butter be used as food? Technically, this butter is edible without doubts because it’s a regular oil extracted from tree seeds.

There are no dangerous or potentially dangerous ingredients in it and if you want, you can try it in your meals. Actually, not all types of shea butter are edible because not all of them are pure enough for eating. Below, we will give these types a little attention.

In fact, the majority of shea butter produced in Africa is used for cooking and eating. The leftovers that have not been used by the people who produce it manually are normally sold to other countries. Even though the world is not really used to thinking of shea butter as a food product, many people do eat it every day. What is shea butter?

In fact, shea butter is better known as a cosmetic product, a component of many creams, lotions, shampoos, and other beauty products. It’s also popular as a mild remedy that’s applied mostly to the skin or hair. It’s extracted from the fruits (actually, sees or nuts) of the shea tree. When cold or stored at a room temperature, the butter is solid like regular cow’s butter.

On the skin or when heated up, it becomes transparent. It’s a fact that shea butter has been used for beauty purposes for a long time. However, the question of its edibility is still quite acute for many people, especially the ones who want to try something new in eating and those who apply the butter onto the skin of their babies.

So, let’s try to figure out whether shea butter is really edible and when and how you can use it in food. What’s more, if you are considering the idea of using it instead of the fats you are using in your everyday meals, you need to know the type of the butter and the grade of its purity.

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