“Do You Know The Cost Of Sorry In Nigeria?” —Man Asks Lady After Bashing Her Car

A lady took to social media to narrate her ordeal with the a man who bashed her car, instead apologizing he threatened her..

She wrote;

This just happened!!! I’m more than shook!! This stupid ass fool hit my car and all I asked for was for him to apologize and he came to harass me, poured his cup of liquor on my car and threatened to beat me up.

I’m just shocked and angry Af and surprised. I’ve never been this angry before and my blood is shaking..
All the man could ask her was..

All the man could say was ;

“Do you know the cost of ‘sorry’ in Nigeria?,”

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  1. that man doesnt knw anything

  2. LMAO…. Really!

  3. Seriously I don’t know

  4. Some people really don’t know the cost of sorry

  5. He’s provoke I guess

  6. Whats there in saying sorry when i do wrong? Most men gind it difficult to say sorry

  7. Something went wrong

  8. He should have simply say sorry..

  9. Sorry is now expensive than a good wife in Nigeria

  10. untamed human being

  11. Sorry is not a easy thing to say expecially when you are right

  12. He’s just a psychopath, I guess. Otherwise what would make him behave like a beast

  13. He should have dealt with the lady very well

  14. Nigerians are always amazing

  15. Why is it hard for some guys/ men to say sorry..?I dnt get it..

  16. What is the cost of sorry I also want to know

  17. Why is it hard for someone to just say sorry? It will not add or remove anything from your body.

  18. Pls tell us I don’t know

  19. thats wickedness

  20. He may have a point dont get it twisted

  21. He should have simply say sorry na.what is sorry that you can’t say

  22. Some men are too stupid to say am sorry, which makes them more stupid.

  23. Even if he’s right he should say sorry that the easiest thing to say

  24. That’s very bad of the man,he is a very proud and arrogant person

  25. Saying Sorry goes a long way

  26. Good for nothing human beings, sorry is too hand for him to say

  27. Since the man is at fault, he won’t cost him anything to apologize

  28. Nawa for the man ooo

  29. You bashed my car and you are telling me sorry ? You didn’t go to driving school ? Yes you did why would you bash my car. The lady surely doesn’t know the cost of sorry

  30. D word sorry really means a lot

  31. Sorry almost doesn’t work in this kind of situation in Nigeria

  32. some people are fund of doing something stupid and at the end tends to use sorry as a ticket of appology.

  33. some people self they drag things too far

  34. Err is forgiven, yap

  35. Sorry is five letters words,but sometimes is difficult to pronounce

  36. He’s drunk dear
    Leave him and move on

  37. Sorry would have solved this

  38. really do funny

  39. Ooooooooooh that’s very bad. I don’t know why some guys like intimidating ladies,if it were to be his fellow guy he can’t try such.

  40. He supposed to apologize

  41. Instead of saying sorry he is still complaining about it

  42. I guess everything come with a price on his own way

  43. please tell us we don’t know

  44. A sincere ‘I am sorry ‘would have gone a long way to stop this. Simply say I’m sorry and it ends there.

  45. people find it very hard to say sorry

  46. This man can never try that with a fellow man’s car.
    If I was the woman I would have asked if he know that cost of her car.

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