Drunk Woman Goes On Rampage During Flight After Being Refused More Alcohol

A flight passenger suspected of being drunk was filmed abusing a flight crew after she was refused more alcohol.

Footage taken by another passenger shows the woman deliver a tirade of expletives and offensive language towards flight staff.
The verbal spat started after she was refused another glass of wine by the flight attendant.

Details of the shocking behaviour on an Air India flight AI-131 from Mumbai to London emerged today but happened on Saturday.
In the video, the woman who is reportedly an Irish national, claims she was an international lawyer and threatened the staff with legal action.

She yells: “F*** off I am an international criminal lawyer and a barrister – you will be p***ed on in court, so don’t even fucking think about it.”
Continuing to rant and scream, she said she worked for the “f***ing Rohingya” and indigenous people.

She added:

“I turn you f***ing inside out, you f***ing stupid c****.
The passenger can be seen waving her arms about in the cabin crew area before marching into the business class seating where she demands a bottle of wine.

One of the passengers who was on board in the Air India flight AI-131 said later: “The woman was seated on her seat 1-J, after gulping down few glasses of wine she went to the lavatory and burnt a smoke but unfortunately the smoke detector didn’t set off.

“She came back to her seat and gulped down some more bottle of wine and asked for more when the flight attendant refused her demands. “She threatened the attendant and pushed the trolley.“It was then she turned unruly towards the flight attendant and started with the verbal spat.”
The woman was later arrested after the flight touched down at the Heathrow airport in London.

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  1. Drunkard in the airplane lol

  2. Alcohol is a bastard.it can make you so miserable

  3. Some people will just drink irresponsibly and start misbehaving. They should prohibit serving of alcoholic drinks in the aircraft.


  5. hmmm, woman drunk?

  6. I think she is addicted in drinking

  7. When people are asked to stay away from Alcohol or hard drug they think it is maltreatment. Look at what a grown up is doing to herself because of alcohol

  8. I laugh she’s educated as you said she was a lawyer she wasn’t supposed to be doing that in public

  9. Shez gonna cause a lot of drama

  10. Why wld she get drunk on air

  11. Funny, such is alcohol, too bad she is a lawyer, hope she’s not prosecuted because it will dent her reputation.

  12. She will create a scene women in alcohol

  13. Alcohol!!!!! Not good for women consumption

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