Eliminating Toxic People Vs Never Putting Yourself In Shitty Situations

Written by Alden Tan

The cliche that is “eliminating toxic people” in your life implies that you need to meet toxic people first so you can dump them.

In other words, you need to make yourself vulnerable and put yourself at risk.

This idea only works for young people who have yet to outgrow toxic bullshit.

For those who have grown self-aware and are mature enough to recognize toxicity early, they’d never have to dump toxic people again because they will never place themselves in horrible situations and risk themselves being surrounded by assholes.

Perhaps though, all of us should be practicing this from the get-go.

Judge people wisely, for judgement is a useful tool.

Get out of your comfort zone, but maybe not too much.

Spot all the red flags based on your past and experience in somebody so you don’t fall into another shitty relationship.

Don’t go to anywhere if you don’t feel up for it. Period.

Slowly distance yourself from friends who are friends with toxic people.

You owe it to yourself.

Friendships and relationships shouldn’t be situations that make you second-guess everything.

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  1. Yes that’s right

  2. So true. It can even help one live longer

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  6. staying away from bad vibes makes you healthy

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  11. The fact is we just have o be careful

  12. Very correct. They say. Bad company corrupt good character.

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  19. It can help one live long

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