#EndSARS: Segun “Segalink” Awosanya Mocks Ambode Over SARS Killing

Anti-SARS activist Segun ‘Segalink’ Awosanya, the actor in the #EndSARS movement,has blasts the governor of Lagos state, Akinwunmi Ambode.Segalink in a Twitter reaction on Tuesday, April 16, said; “I don’t even know Lagos State still has a Governor until I saw this at the IGP’s Address. The irresponsibility is so loud. Citizens in your state are being decimated by your own police and you said nothing? If there be any shame in him he should have sent a representative.”https://twitter.com/segalink/status/1118061430161408001Source: https://mandynews.com/endsars-segun-segalink-awosanya-mocks-ambode-over-sars-killing/