ESPN sports reporter reduces her boobs so that she can be taken seriously. (Photos)

ESPN sports reporter reduces her boobs so that viewers can take her seriously. (Photos)
An ESPN sports reporter has undergone breast reduction surgery because she wants to be taken seriously.24-year-old Natalia Jersonsky from Argentina, who is popularly known as Nati Jota got tired of people getting distracted because of her big boobs and not paying attention to her sports reports. She then decided to have breast reduction surgery so that during interviews people can look at her face when she speaks.Nati who present on the ESPN 2 afternoon show ‘ESPN Redes’ which aimed at adolescents said: “At school when all my classmates started to blossom, mine did not initially grow and I was called ‘flat-chested’ and other things.”While my pals were praying for knights in shining armour, I was asking for boobs. See, be careful what you wish for. I got them and now I am having an operation to make them smaller.”I want people to look at my face when I speak.”The blonde presenter also added that another reason she took the decision was because her back hurts and finding clothes that fit correctly is a problem.The ESPN reporter later shared a photo of her chest fully wrapped with bandage as she updated her followers the operation was success. The post ESPN sports reporter reduces her boobs so that she can be taken seriously. (Photos) appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  4. thats a journalist that loves what she does right there

  5. Nice one. She loves her job . Wish all Nigerians can love their jobs with strong passion for their jobs.

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