Ethan Dolan death threats from ma85la twitter: Police react

Ethan Dolan death threats from ma85la Twitter account have gone viral. Fans have reported that they called the police to alert them about the Ethan Dolan death threats and police say they are taking the threats seriously.

Ethan Dolan death threats

To also get Ethan and Grayson Dolan’s attention towards the death threats, his worried fans have started #alertethandolan retweet.

Below are the EthanDolan death threats tweets from ma85la Twitter:

  • From 2019 Predictions:

i’ve received a ton of dms about an account threatening to harm/kill ethan dolan, threats like this are not funny at all and i will be contacting people to make sure that ethan is safe and he is aware of the threats that are being made.

ethan dolan

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Read reactions from worried fans on social media:

  • From Skylar:

Ethan Dolan has received many threats recently on Twitter. There is accounts dedicated to hurting and threading him. If you see the #alertethandolan retweet immediately. Plz get this to trending or get E to see it. I love you all ❤️ Skylar

  • From ENEWS:

BREAKING NEWS: new account threatening the dolan twins has been created. I have requested to see what they’re talking about. They will allegedly kill the dolan twins in 4 days. Report them! @EthanDolan @GraysonDolan #saveethandolan #alertethandolan #alertgraysondolan

BREAKING: Hate pages are saying that there is a “countdown” to what they are going to do, and that they are doing it in 4 days! tag them and make sure they see it! @EthanDolan @GraysonDolan


  • From @minionlarri

ma85la is the user sending serious death threats to Ethan Dolan. Trolling or not serious death threats ARE NOT something to be taken lightly and should be removed from the media as it invades someones safety #alertethandolan

  • From Savannah 🥀:

Guys it turns out that there was another account threatening @GraysonDolan too. The account was suspended but its username was @john65kills. We need to worry about BOTH @EthanDolan & @GraysonDolan!
#alertgraysondolan #alertethandolan


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