Ex-Stripper Weeps As Her Butt Implant Gets Exploded (Pics)

A former stripper has taken to Instagram to cry out as she continues to suffer complications from butt surgery gone wrong. Known as Desiree, the mother of two appears to have had the worst luck.

She was attacked outside her birthday party in 2017, smashed on the face with a stiletto, earlier this year, she served time in jail, though she didn’t reveal why. And now, she is bedridden from botched butt injections.

She wrote on Instagram yesterday;

Things are really going bad for me right now I went and got butt injections back in 2010 Through 2012 and now it’s effecting my health. The people that did my injections are now in jail serving a life sentence because somebody died from these illegal shots not to long ago so I can’t reach out to them to fix this Problem .

I have silicone all up my back from these illegal shots and I know I’m not the only girl that has them. I encourage you ladies all to love your body for what it is because no matter how God made you he made each of us special I’ve made a lot of bad choices in my lifetime but I never understood that one mistake can mess up your whole life expensive surgeries can go wrong and so can inexpensive ones some days I can’t walk .

I can’t play with my kids and somedays I can’t move I regret these shots everyday.I wake up everyday in pain and I been praying everyday that God take my pain away I know what I did i did it to myself but everybody makes mistakes. I just dont mind sharing mine everybody has a story I’m just tryna live to continue to tell you mine! Love yourself.

Take care of you health and most of all just be you and that’s what I’m learning right now. I don’t want any sympathy I just want to share my testimony so I can show you how God is so real. He keeps giving me test to show the world how strong I am. I’m not scared I’m not afraid I just want others to be aware and just know that everything that glitters ain’t really gold.

I’m out the hospital now and I have to have surgery soon as I can to remove the infection that it has caused in my back allowing me not to walk. Insurance won’t cover the surgery because it’s cosmetic and honestly I don’t know how ima pay for my surgery because I don’t have the money for it but God is good and I have to keep the faith and hope and pray God will make a way!

I want to let you ladies know that no amount of beauty is worth your health please keep your body the way it is and love yourself. I’m not embarrassed and I’m not ashamed I’m proud because maybe my story will help you change. Please keep the negativity I’m going through alot but ima fighter & I won’t give up I’ma give it all I got.

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  1. My follow ladies I advice you to leave your body the way God created artificial things sometimes fed

  2. May God help her

  3. This is a serious matter

  4. Girls this is totally a warning to you all

  5. That’s so painful sorry dear

  6. Your body is the temple of God. Have you forgotten?

  7. Now she is in pain

  8. That’s the result of all this inplant

  9. Ladies learning from this

  10. Kind of fun, but a little bit sorry for her.

  11. That serves you right, since you are not ok with the one God gave you

  12. What a world. Are these things important?

  13. She should rebuild it again sebi she get money

  14. To those who does not appreciate their body and wants to get an implant, that is a true life story for you, be wise

  15. I hope we all learn from her story… I love the way God has made me… Thank you Lord

  16. Olorun ti mun e
    She shld enjoy the pains

  17. What’s this people are so heartless I wish you quick recovery

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