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HOW CAN I EARN MONEY ON pays her members majorly in 4 ways:

  1. The second you sign up an account with us, you earn 100
  2. You earn1,050 every time you bring and register a new member to GETPAID. We call this referral earnings.
  3. You earn 3 for each comment you make on our advertiser’s website.
  4. You earn 50 for sponsored posts you share daily on Facebook.



  1. 📌 Members with Referral Earnings can request to withdraw every Thursday. Minimum withdrawal amount = 1 referral. Maximum withdrawal amount = Unlimited. Only Referral earnings can be requested for on Thursdays.
  2.  📌 Members with Activity Earnings can request to withdraw once a month. You can only make 2,000 with Activity Earnings.


  1. Withdrawal limit for members requesting to withdraw Referral Earnings is 1,050 which is equivalent to 1 referral
  2. Withdrawal limit for members requesting to withdraw Activity earnings is 2,000
  3. Activity earnings are not merged with Referral earnings during payment.
  4. Members with at least 2,000 in their Activity earnings must stop completing tasks – reading news, commenting, sharing sponsored posts until they are paid for the tasks they have already completed.
  5. Members who continue completing tasks after earning the maximum 2,000 Activity Earnings will not be paid.

Please read our Terms and conditions


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I want to join How do I get a coupon code & register myself on using a coupon code?

To get a coupon code, please send Whatsapp message to Blaise on 08105934522. THIS NUMBER DOESN’T TAKE CALLS. Whatsapp messages only.

You will be sent an account number to pay your registration fee into. Once deposit is confirmed, you will be given a coupon code.

Please read this >> How to register myself on with coupon code (NEW MEMBERS)

Follow the instructions in this post strictly and you will successfully register yourself.


  • I want to register someone on and earn the referral bonus. How do I get a coupon & register him/her successfully using a coupon?

To get a coupon code, please send a text message or Whatsapp message to Blaise on 08105934522. THIS NUMBER DOESN’T TAKE CALLS. Whatsapp messages only.

You will be sent an account number to pay your referrals registration fee into. Once deposit is confirmed, you will be given a coupon code.

Please read this >> How to register your referrals on with coupon code

Follow the instructions in this post strictly and you will successfully register your referral correctly.


  • How do I Refer my friends and family to join

On your account profile, click on AFFILIATE Area to get your Affiliate Link. Get your friends to join you using your link. You would instantly earn a commission – ₦1,050 when they join

You can also promote your referral link on forums, blogs, comments, chat rooms, chats, facebook wall, Facebook pages, groups, Twitter and earn money on every new member you sent through your link


  • I just got registered on, what am I to do next?



  • I have forgotten my password. How do I change it and get a new password?

To reset password, here’s what to do:

Step 1: please click HERE

Step 2: On the page that comes up, click lost password

Step 3: On the page that comes up, enter the Username or E-mail of your account then click on Get New Password

Step 4: You should get an email with the subject [WordPress Site] Password Reset. The body of this email will contain a link below the text To reset your password, visit the following address, go ahead and click on that link.

Step 5: Type in your New password, confirm it, then click on Reset Password

Step 1

Step 3

Step 4



Send Whatsapp message to 08105934522 or Send a mail to [email protected]


  • I commented on advertiser’s website and they’re saying comments on moderation. What does that mean?

It means you are just commenting for the first time and advertiser needs to approve your first comments.
If they are not quality comments, advertiser will reject them and every comment you make again will require advertiser to approve them before they go live.

So please, ensure you read every story before commenting. And when commenting, give a good quality comment that explains what you feel and think about the story you just read.

  • does not pay ₦50 daily login. Why?

We give 100 as registration bonus. No login bonuses. Please see the reason why:

Are you aware some platforms have changed their policy that you can only withdraw when you reach N20,000?

Why do you think they did that?

Like you may already know, we initially started with paying members ₦50 for daily login.

But we did a calculation.

Let us say we pay members ₦50 for logging in everyday and we have 491,344 (Four Hundred And Ninety One Thousand, Three Hundred And Forty Four) members

Each Member Paid ₦1600 to join.

Let’s multiply it by 491344 members

1,600 X 431344 = 690,150,400

If we got these 491,344 members over a period of 1 year,

It means ₦690,150,400 is the total money all members have paid to join since we started operation in one year.

Remember we pay ₦1,050 from this same money to members that bring new members.

Money paid to referral members out of this ₦1600 registration fee = 1050 x 431,344 = ₦452,911,200.

Minus ₦452,911,200 from ₦690,150,400, how much is left? ₦237,239,200

Now, If we promise ₦50 per login and our 491,344 members decide to login in a day, do you know what it means for us?

It means in one day – see the amount we will owe our members for signing in for JUST ONE DAY – ₦50 X 491344 = ₦24,567,200 a day

In JUST ONE MONTH it will be ₦24,567,200 x 30 = ₦737,016,000.

How can our site survive if IN ONE YEAR we generated ₦690,150,400 from members sign-up fee, out of it we paid referrals ₦452,911,200 and then IN ONE MONTH, we ACCUMULATED debt of ₦737,016,000 in just ONE MONTH!

Look at it again – In More Than 1 Year, we made N690,150,400 from Registration

In Just A Month, from ONLY MEMBER’S LOGIN we owe N737,016,000

This calculation i made remember that – it does not include the 1,050 we pay affiliates.

it doesnt include the 2 per comment

It doesnt include the 50 members are promised they will get when they share sponsored posts

This calculation does not include the 50 members are promised they will get when they upload posts.

Only comment for 60 posts out of over 100 posts made in a day will cost 58,961,280 and in a month over 1.7billion naira for just comment.

Do you now see if we make these promises, in the long run we wont be able to fulfil them and people will call us scam?

Would you want us to do virtual earning – you ‘earn’ big money but you can only cash out 5,000 monthly after you have brought at least 2 referrals as seen in some other platforms?

We are being truthful and realistic. We can’t make promises of big earning where we know in truth we can’t pay it.


  • How do I start earning money on

To become a GETPAID Earner, you have to register and pay the one time subscription fee of 1,600 – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW.

GETPAID Earners are active users who have successfully registered, activated their email accounts AND paid the one time subscription fee of 1,600.

  • Can I Use One Email Address To Register More Than One Account?

No. This is because your email helps you to reset your password when the need arises, hence; resetting and retrieving your password would be difficult if the registration of multiple accounts with one email is allowed.


  • Can I Register More Than One Account Using Similar Bank Account?

No, this is not possible.


  • Can I share my IP address with co-workers or family members? is not against any sharing of IP Address usage.


  • Can I Use Someone’s else BANK ACCOUNT for withdrawal of my funds ?

If you don’t have a personal bank account and you want to receive your earnings through someone else’s account, it’s up to you. will send your earnings to the bank account you provided in your profile or when making a withdrawal.

If we observe a double withdrawal request with separate account numbers at the same week, the account would be suspended pending verification.

  • My Referrals Got Blacklisted on GETPAID, why?

We understand the whole concept thing as everyone do not have the mind to understand how everything works instantly. Therefore, we try our best to explain most of the frequently asked question on our website.

If by any chance we observe unserious users, making absurd, frivolous and unwelcome comments, posts – such accounts would be blacklisted along with the associated users. Making reactions on our Facebook posts such as LOL, comments such as hmmm, lol, lmao, and anything related to such reaction which proves unseriousness among such defaulters would not be tolerated. Uncultured behaviour socially would also not be tolerated – such account would be permanently banned.

  • I have been completing tasks but but my money is not increasing. How do I fix this?

To help you earn money on without worries dear, please ensure you follow these instructions:

1. Do not use Opera Mini when visiting

2. Use CHROME. This is because opera mini will not pay you your earnings but Chrome will pay you.

3. To start earning money on right now, please read these very important posts:


  • Can Someone who stays outside Nigeria register and earn with

YES! We welcome anyone anywhere to join and make money. However, we DO NOT pay to Bank accounts outside Nigeria. You must have a Nigerian bank account.

START YOUR ONLINE JOURNEY WITH JUST 1,600 and GET PAID every week (Terms & Conditions apply)



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