Payout for 03/01/2019 is in progress!!

Good morning Great Earners,

We are happy to inform all that payment for Payout for 03/01/2019 is now in progress and withdrawal form is open to members who:

  1. Are withdrawing for the first time and have earned up to 2,000.
  2. Members who have been paid once before and have earned up to 3,000.

Payments will be done starting from today till Wednesday, 9th of January, 2018

To get the withdrawal form, please click HERE



  1. Click on your profile by clicking MY ACCOUNT at the top page of the site.
  2. When it opens, then click on affiliate area
  3. There, you will see the REQUEST WITHDRAWAL tab. Click on it.
  4. You will now see the withdrawal form.
  5. Please sign in into your GMAIL account

  • Once you are signed in, fill the form properly. ENSURE YOU GIVE US YOUR CORRECT LINKS AND DETAILS.

  • When you are done filling the form, click SUBMIT

  • You will get a notification that your payout request has been successfully submitted.
  • So expect your alert shortly!
  • Please note that you will be charged 100 if you fill the form when you are not up to the withdrawal limit.

PLEASE NOTE: would deduct spam earnings from your activity earnings.

Our help lines are always open if you need help or you have suggestions.

Let’s go cash our money, guys!!!! Excited much.


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  1. the withdrawal PROCESS isn’t as much difficult as much as i had thought Early on

    1. Hi pls how do I request for withdrawal

  2. This is a welcome development. I have been thinking on how I can get my money since there no provision for account number. Its really a simple process.

  3. But am having a little problem over here

  4. I can’t wait for me to reach that point. Up Getpaid

  5. I just made my request for withdrawal.. Am waiting to get my alert soon.. Thanks

  6. I’m patiently waiting for my turn… GETPAIDng is aaago!

  7. That’s great to hear that done Odofin10

  8. Still waiting for my alert. I hope I get paid soon

  9. I just filled the withdrawal form
    hope to get paid soon

  10. All my earnings yesterday was not added and many more that I can not remember and not happy about that anyway I just fill to earn now.

  11. Wow next week I will be receiving my own alert

  12. Thanks for your guidance, it is really help and will definitely be applied.

  13. I filled the withdrawal form since morning hope to see alert

  14. Still waiting for my alert oooo
    Can’t wait to see it

  15. I filled my withdrawal form since morning waiting for my alert

  16. But I’m still need more enlightenment on this site plz

  17. Wow,this very nic,make my money come oh

  18. Pls am confused about the aspect of logging in into your gmail account first,I didn’t see any sign up there

  19. those lucky should expect their alert

  20. Get paid is making me go gaga I love Getpaid..

  21. Pls I need more enlightenment about dis Forum.

  22. I find it difficult to make withdrawal. Can’t find where to login, and the form can’t be opened

    1. Open a tab sign in to your Gmail, then come back to the tab where u opened getpaid and request.

  23. I have request for withdrawal since yesterday. Please admin what’s going on?

  24. I don get alert
    It came in yesterday after 7hours of applying. Thanks so much getpaid

  25. I’ve seen alert o. Thank you

  26. Please i don’t understand i filled the form up till now i haven’t not been paid .

  27. I need to get to enjoy this platform so as to call my friends into it now

  28. Do u no dat some of us don’t get thz site clue
    Nd we are still having problem with it
    Can somebody help nd put us through

  29. The form page is not open, what’s wrong or any help?

  30. Ohhh dis platform is very helpful plss i av a question to ask dnt we gv our acct number bcos we cnt receive alert without it? ????

  31. this is a very good platform, keep it up admin

  32. it’s a big opportunity to get rich

  33. I has made my request just waiting to receive my payment

  34. As a first time withdrawal which is 2000. filled the withdrawal form since on thursday, my earnings was noy deducted, uptill now i did not see any alert, even though the form i filled was accepted.. I don’t understand what is going on please

  35. How can I fill the form?
    Have been following the steps but is leading me to nowhere

  36. There a problem here, my alert is not complete, I received only my referral earning,I did not get the activity earnings yyyyyyy?

  37. Admin pls kindly look into my request, i filled the withdrawal form since last week thursday for a first time withdraw which is N2000, but up till today i am yet to get any alert.. Pls kindly treat admin.. Thank you

    1. Same here also requested for the first time last week.

  38. I also have not received alert since last week

  39. I don’t understand

  40. And they said today is the last day

  41. Hello admin,I have not receive alert o ,since last Thursday, pls work on it o

  42. I will get mine by this week by the grace of God

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