Payout for 07/02/2019 is in progress!!

Good morning Great Earners,

We are happy to inform all that payment for Payout for 07/02/2019 is now in progress and withdrawal form is open to members who:

  1. Have at least 1 referral

If you have at least 1 referral, please fill today’s withdrawal form so we can pay you.

To get the withdrawal form, please click HERE



  1. Click on your profile by clicking MY ACCOUNT at the top page of the site.
  2. When it opens, then click on affiliate area
  3. There, you will see the REQUEST WITHDRAWAL tab. Click on it.
  4. You will now see the withdrawal form.
  5. Please sign in into your GMAIL account

  • Once you are signed in, fill the form properly. ENSURE YOU GIVE US YOUR CORRECT LINKS AND DETAILS.

  • When you are done filling the form, click SUBMIT

  • You will get a notification that your payout request has been successfully submitted.
  • So expect your alert shortly!
  • Please note that you will be charged 200 if you fill the form when you are not up to the withdrawal limit.

Our help lines are always open if you need help or you have suggestions.

Let’s go cash our money, guys!!!! Excited much.


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  1. You people should stop all this get paid people are not helping matters they are not even adding up our task every will and they are very slow in circulation why all this don’t they know that is our money that we use in buying data they should stop all this is very bad so if they continue like this how can we expand it to the people we won’t to referr will thank God they once said that referring people is not compulsory so you people should act fast.

  2. I regret joining Get paid platform,despite all our registration fees,our data bundles and our time spent on the site our withdrawal requests were still pending since on 26th Jan,& you are not even willing to respond to our complaints.

  3. Rubbish platform, I have been requesting for withdrawal for the past two weeks now with 2000 naira +, you people failed to credit me and today I just got 350 naira out of 2000+ requested, now my balance is 950 naira.
    What should I do with 350 naira?
    Nonsense people

  4. U guys should make the payment stable all those delay discourages us

  5. They omly paid me 940 out of 2000,,….why now?

  6. I made mistakes in my first withdrawal form today Pls I need new form, and Pls ddon’t respond to that withdrawal form

  7. Get people why is you people platform like that people are complaining over all this if you people can’t handle you platform why opening it at the first place even the people that am referring are even shaming me asking me all type of stupid things which you people did you should try and correct it as soon as possible because I know what am facing and even am data’s

  8. Please I understand the delay of your payment but kindly pay me today, my username is horludare1. Thanks

  9. Lol, I done they like these page, 9ja,abeg make u guys keep records oh even Twitter

  10. I regret joining this getpaid platform ,have been requesting my withdrawal for the past 2 weeks now,and that is my first time,so my 1500 will just go like, rubbish really regret myself

    1. Sorry dear, that’s nigeria for you, scammer everywhere

  11. if that is the case that every one is complaining on this issue. then what are steps that the get paid are doing to end this madness cause we cant continue facing this nonsense and you guys still expect us to continue in referring people while our demand are yet to be accomplish by you. so i advice that you pay those in progress.

  12. Done and dusted please l have completed 2000 naria I need to be paid thanks

  13. I don’t understand what is going on here

  14. Why members saying done what is done their

  15. The Lord bless and keep you an cause his light shine on you….as you eat people’s suffering.

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