HHP’s son kicked out of his house less than 2 weeks after his death (photos)

Less than two weeks after the death of South African hip-hop star, Jabulani Tsambo aka HHP (read here), his son has been kicked out of his house.Family spokesman Nkululelo Ncana tweeted pictures of Jabba’s son’s clothes, including his school uniform and clothes, that were thrown on the pavement outside the house where he lived with his father. This comes barely 2 days after the burial of the rapper.   Ncana added that the person who threw Jabba’s son’s things out of the house also changed the locks of the house. Ncana says a case of housebreaking and entering has now been opened with Police. The post HHP’s son kicked out of his house less than 2 weeks after his death (photos) appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. Na wa o. It’s good to have ur own money sha

  2. This is very bad

  3. Some people are so heartless

  4. What a heartless fellow

  5. Life of no parent

  6. This is too bad

  7. So properties is more important to human being, this is bad

  8. something might have happened na

  9. Baba that’s too harsh

  10. Haba this is not fair

  11. This is pure wickedness and its everywhere

  12. You have to get up as a man and take responsibility

  13. That is unfair

  14. Oga oooooooo…

  15. Why did they kick him out of the house?

  16. no respect anymore? he shouldn’t be that quick nah

  17. Don’t know this guy.

  18. That’s bad. He should have consider him na.

  19. This is very wrong think to do

  20. That’s not good

  21. That’s very unfair from them

  22. Heartless people

  23. Its complicated

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