“How Can I Handle This Issue With The Wife Of My Boss?”

My director’s wife is a kind hearted woman but she is too sensitive and highly inquisitive. I have known her for 5 years, that’s when I started working with her husband. I’m very close to my oga and his family. My oga is a womanizer but his wife hasn’t been able to catch him red handed. The woman became so friendly with me since February 2019. she will call me on phone to just say hi, recharge my phone sometimes etc. I have always been so sceptical about the woman’s attitude of recent since I know her as a very inquisitive person. The bubble bursted in April when I travelled with oga to Kaduna, Kano and Jigawa States for some trainings organised by our department for some cooperative livestock farmers. The wife started calling me while in Kano to ask about her husband, who stays with him in his hotel room, his visitors etc which I said to her I don’t really know. Oga actually brought his secretary which I knew he has been dating with him for the trip but of what concern is that to me? When we returned, the woman actually came to our office where she looked angrily at me, hiss at me and left without answering her greeting. My job schedule involves sometimes working at oga’s house especially when we have urgent training assignments. The woman have been sort of looking at me as someone who is also promiscuous like her hubby. Yesterday, she called me a liar and deceitful person, just because she wanted me to divulge her hubby’s itinerary to her. It’s possible she think I’m a small boy sha. I’m actually planning to move some of the equipment in oga’s house to mine so that I’ll have less contact with the woman but I don’t want my oga to know my reasons since I didn’t tell him all his wife have been doing so that I don’t cause wahala in their home. How could I handle this issue brothers and sisters?