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Nigeria is a land of over 180 million people. It is a fact that four in 10 Nigerians are unemployed or underemployed.

86.9 million Nigerians live in extreme abject poverty.

Challenges are immense but WE NIGERIANS are fighters. We strive to make a way where there’s no way. And we emerge as Heroes.

Providing a platform where every Nigerian can come online, make money for themselves and get paid straight to their bank account is why was created. income program

Our mission is to provide a legitimate, reliable platform where Nigerians can CONSISTENTLY earn money online for years.

OUR VISION is to empower, help fulfil dreams and enrich lives of every Nigerian citizen.


Our BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY is transparency, trust, honesty and CARE.


We are registered with CAC as GETPAID MEDIA NIGERIA, registration number is BN2691848.

Our income program is open to every Nigerian which means it is suitable for job seekers, graduates, students, stay at home moms and dads, bloggers, Network Marketers, etc.

Every Nigerian with daily expenses SHOULD join



With the only one time payment of 1,600, a lot of Nigerians have been earning 50,000 – 100,000 monthly on

If you are Unemployed, a Student, Fresh Graduate, Job Seeker, Blogger, Housewife/Househusband, if You wish to earn money online,

HOW CAN I EARN MONEY ON members earn money majorly in 4 ways:

  1. The second you sign up an account with us, you earn 100 as registration bonus.
  2. You earn1,050 every time you bring and register a new member to GETPAID. We call this referral earnings.
  3. You earn 3 for each comment you make on our advertiser’s website.
  4. You earn 50 for sponsored posts you share on Facebook.



  1. 📌 Members with Referral Earnings can request to withdraw every Thursday. Minimum withdrawal amount = 1 referral. Maximum withdrawal amount = Unlimited. Only Referral earnings can be requested for on Thursdays.
  2.  📌 Members with Activity Earnings can request to withdraw once a month. You can only make 2,000 with Activity Earnings.


  1. Withdrawal limit for members requesting to withdraw Referral Earnings is 1,050 which is equivalent to 1 referral
  2. Withdrawal limit for members requesting to withdraw Activity earnings is 2,000
  3. Activity earnings are not merged with Referral earnings during payment.
  4. Members with at least 2,000 in their Activity earnings must stop completing tasks – reading news, commenting, sharing sponsored posts until they are paid for the tasks they have already completed.
  5. Members who continue completing tasks after earning the maximum 2,000 Activity Earnings will not be paid.

Please read our complete Payment Terms here > Terms and conditions


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How to Become a Earner?


To become a Earner, all you need to do is simply register and activate your account by paying the 1,600 one-time subscription fee.



Who Should Join Income Program

  • Any Nigerian in need of cash daily should join GETPAID Income Program.
  • Any Nigerian with daily expenses should join GETPAID Income Program
  • Nigerian Students, undergraduates, fresh graduates, job seekers, bloggers, housewives, everybody should join GetPaid Income Program.

Becoming a GetPaid Earner is a good starting point and a great choice if you like the idea of breaking away from financial bondage in this country and working and making money in the comfort of your home or wherever you are.

The entry fee of 1,600 is very affordable.


Why Should I Join GETPAID Income Program?

  1. The first reason why you should join GETPAID Income Program is because this PLATFORM IS REAL! We tell you the truth all the time.  JOIN US NOW.
  2. You can make enough money to take care of your bills and daily life even without a steady day job on once you are serious and committed. Remember, we are NOT sharing free money. Remember, we are not a get rich quick scheme.
  3. You get informed and earn money at the same time on We want to alleviate poverty in Nigeria. We are passionate about empowering Nigerians. There are no plenty good jobs in Nigeria that will reach everybody so we can all afford the good lives which we deserve. But there is hope.
  4. Another amazing reason to join GETPAID Income Program today is you earn a huge 65.63% affiliate commission (1,050 per referral). I mean you earn 1,050 for each of your friends and family you introduce to GETPAID community. No other platform in Nigeria apart from pays you as high as 1,050 for referrals and pays you consistently every Thursday.
  5. Best reason why you should join – this place is home. is family. Place all your worries aside and join today. You will find peace of mind.

getpaidng Income Program was created to be a solution to the financial problems in our country Nigeria so that our people can live the good lives they deserve.

Start your online working job today!


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